A few things going on

The kids have started their new school, the house is quiet, except for hubby working in his study, and the whirr of the washing machine, so I am slowly going through my to-do list. I am struggling with the heat and humidity here at the moment so progress is slow. I only have to pick up the vacuum cleaner and take it downstairs and I’m already breaking into a sweat. The plus side to this is my washing dries in about 30 minutes. Gotta love that! I have called an electrician so we can have a few ceiling fans installed which should help with the heat situation indoors at least. Despite the crazy temps, I did manage to get out and weed the veggie patch.

overgrown veggie patch

this was the veggie patch before weeding

veg patch round the water tank

veggie patch after weeding

You can see the water tank now! It goes about two thirds of the way around it, following the slope. I have planted a few things but the only plants that have been successful so far are tomatoes, cucumber and sweetcorn. I think it is too hot and humid for anything else to take at the moment. At least it gives me time to plan my Autumn garden. I really want to grow herbs too as its so expensive to buy fresh herbs, even from the farm shop. Apparently herbs grow well here year round so fingers crossed we can get a good crop happening in a couple of months.

We had a lot of rain during January but it seemed to come all at once, resulting in a bit of localised flooding in our basement. We had to dash off and buy a pump to get the water out but a more permanent solution needs to be found. The joys of house buying! The heavy rain did make for some interesting exploring around the property though.

walking in a stream

the overflow from our dam

trees under water

flooding in the woods

giant mushrooms

strange mushrooms that look like ghosts

These mushrooms look like the ghosts off pac-man – remember pac-man anyone?


I finally finished the snake I started last november, just in time for christmas. I made it for my little one and she loves it. It has taken up residence in the lounge room mostly, but is tucked up with her in bed each night. She now wants a baby one to go with it. She might have to wait until the cooler weather I think. I made the tail too short as I read the pattern wrong. I was so annoyed when I realised, which was way too late.You can see how much she loves him as he has gone all bobbly now.

crochet snake

crochet snake finished

I have made some progress with the crochet russian doll, its almost done although I need to sew on some decoration and the face and hair, then add the scarf section to the body.

crochet russian doll

I hope you have a good monday 🙂
T x




I can’t believe it has been two weeks since my last post. The time has just disappeared in a cloud of paint fumes and dust sheets, and that pretty much sums up my house at present. We have made the last mad push to get the house tarted up for sale. We are now in limbo land, waiting for a new carpet, some new blinds and trying to paint the last bits of woodwork to finish off. Thanks to all of you for your ideas on my last post about brightening up the laundry wall. I was inspired by the idea of framing some fabric, but decided to use paper instead. On my lunch break at work I nipped into hot dollar and found some nice wrapping paper and three cheap picture frames, and framed the paper in each one to create a trio of artwork. I scrubbed off the stickers on the washing machine and dryer so it all looks tidier in there now.

laundry with trio of artwork on wall

With all this rain lately there has even been some progress in the veggie patch, and we saw our first head of broccoli appear on one of the plants. Such excitement! (sorry about the blurry photo).

broccoli bud

The lonely lettuce is doing well too. I was tempted to harvest it tonight for dinner, but the kids wanted it to grow a bit bigger.


My littlest one and I planted some butterfly flower seeds back in april. These have given us a wonderful display so far with more to come. They were sown from a pack of fothergills seeds for kids to grow a flower garden to attract the butterflies. Of course I was not thinking this through, having just created a veggie patch. Needless to say we have been plagued by a few caterpillars from the white cabbage butterfly.


Flowers looking a bit bedraggled from all the rain

I bought some Jamie Oliver greenhouse kits from woollies the other day as they are selling them off now at 2 bucks each. Bargain! The kids are growing cress, chives, coriander and basil, all the sends came with the kit, so very good value. My basil in the garden died, so I am hoping for a good crop from these seeds.

cress and seedlings

Sadly my knitting needles and crochet hook have been replaced with paint brushes and rollers these past two weeks, so nothing has been done there. I did buy this little stash of fabric offcuts the other week which I am hoping to use to make some owls, or some babushka dolls.

fabric samples

All this renovating has left me pretty exhausted I must say. I am in need of some R&R so my plan is to do a little bit of crochet, something small and not too taxing.

Bye for now!

T x

World’s smallest veggie patch – possibly

We started a tiny veggie patch in a nice sunny spot in our garden that used to be occupied by a very damaging fig tree. Not sure what type of fig, but it should never have been planted in the ground. Anyway, that got chopped down, the pool fence re-directed and the paving fixed. That left us with a bare patch of soil that we didn’t know what to do with. My daughter had the idea of growing some veggies, and so the veggie growing project began.

tiny veggie patch

My youngest watering the newly planted seeds

We planted on the 26th April – late for autumn planting I know. We planted spinach, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and a couple of pumpkin seeds. Another no-no apparently was to plant directly into the garden, which we did. We thought we would just throw caution to the wind and see what happened. I received warnings from colleagues at work that carrots and cauliflower were hard to grow.


veg patch one month

veg patch one month in – see my sad little lettace

Well six weeks on and its not looking too bad. The kids have been so excited about the veggie patch progress, rushing out to see whats grown bigger and biggest every few days. Spinach and kale are coming along nicely, they seem to be doing well along the edge, but there is slow growth in the middle. I think maybe something has had a go at the seeds and new shoots. Maybe a bird or slugs. who knows. To my surprise the carrots look good and it looks like a near 100% seed success rate (insert more farmer-like term – germination rate?).

veg patch 6 weeks

veg patch at 6 weeks – we are growing things

The lettuces were a complete fail, only one has finally grown, so I am nurturing it as much as possible. The broccoli and caulis are looking good. No sign of pumpkins although I was since told that its the wrong time of year and they like to grow out the compost. Next job is to feed the plants. I have been watering daily. My compost isn’t ready yet, so might have to get some fertiliser for now.

How is your winter garden growing? Are you harvesting yet? When did you plant?

Teresa x