Pretty crochet purses

I have been a handbag girl forever, but lately I was finding it bit cumbersome, falling off my shoulder, getting in the way and just feeling too big. I needed something smaller and practical. I do love making tapestry crochet washcloths, playing around with different patterns and colours. I had the idea to make one of the washcloths into a little purse or clutch bag. I figured tapestry crochet would be great for this as it creates a nice thick and sturdy cloth.

crochet heart zip purse

crochet washcloths

I salvaged a zip from my stash ( a tip from my mother and grandmother, cutting zips off old wornout clothes), selected some fabric to use for a lining, and sewed it all together. Not so simple for me as I had never sewn a zip purse before and my sewing skills are certainly not of a professional nature at all.

crochet bag

crochet chevron bag

A friend sent me a link to a youtube tutorial on how to sew a zippered purse with a lining. Hurray for youtube! I am now able to create an almost professional looking purse. There are lots and lots of tutorials on this topic so if you need help a quick youtube browse will get you started. I used this link which was very easy to follow.

pretty fabric scraps

I have been playing around with colours and patterns and have made a couple of purses now. I reckon they would make nice gifts.


crochet zip purse chevron design

I have also made some beads out of fimo clay to add a decorative zip pull for extra prettiness. I love fimo clay, its so versatile and easy and you can blend colours to match your projects. Jewellery made from fimo beads is very popular these days. I went into a shop the other day and a necklace made with similar clay was selling for $59!!

20160514_161324_resized fimo bead zip pull in pinks and grey

These purses are just big enough to get my phone, cards, cash, lipgloss and keys in. Perfect. Well, almost perfect. I have since modified the design to create a section in the lining to separate cash/coins as they become hard to find in a hurry. I have also made two separate crochet pieces for the outside of the bag, rather than one long piece folded over, as its very hard to sew in the lining and zip when its one outer piece. So much easier to make now.

crochet heart zip purse

Darker colours work better. With use, the white bag is not looking like these pictures any more, the white has turned a murky grey. Must put it through the wash!

Have a great week!
T x


Five on Friday

Hello again! Its been a while but I am back to join in with Amy at Love made my home for her Five on Friday blog link up. I have been busy and behind with my blog posts so what better way to catch up than with a five on friday post.

1. I have been busy with more crochet projects and have moved on from washcloths to some rather cute purses. These are great for practicing sewing skills. I was always scared of adding zips in sewing projects, but after checking out some video tutorials on youtube I am now sewing like a pro! I use these little purses instead of a handbag now, as they are just big enough to fit phone, keys, cash and cards.

tapestry crochet bag

2. My littlest turned 7 last month, she had a star wars themed birthday party complete with R2D2 cake made by me. It took a while to figure out how to make him but got there in the end. I am not a fan of food colours for icing but bent the rules for this one.
R2D2 cake

3. We had a fair bit of rain a couple of weeks back and one particularly wet weekend we decided to check out Wappa Dam up on the range. The overflow over the dam wall was really spectacular, as was the river flowing from it.

wappa dam after heavy rain

wappa dam river flowThe walk down to the water was a little precarious with no proper footpath access.

20160501_144915_resized wappa dam walk and dam

wappa damCheck out those trees growing through the middle of the river flow!

4. I baked bread this week and I have to say it is the best loaf I have ever made. Hubby and the kids said it looks like a ‘proper loaf’. Now I know they were being polite about my previous bread efforts. Big thanks to my sister for passing on the recipe.

home made bread

5. You might remember I told you I had taken up mountain biking a few months back. Well I had my first proper bike injury after a fall down some rocks while biking with a friend on monday. My legs are so bruised and covered in cuts which are taking forever to heal. Not like in my younger days when things seemed to heal in a couple of days!

mountain bike injury

My legs look dirty in the photo but that is all the scratches and bruises!

Well thats my five latest happenings, I hope you all have a good weekend. Grab yourself a cuppa and check out the other blogs joining in this week.

A goal and a half

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post, and welcome to the new followers here, lovely to meet you. I am always amazed and happy that anyone would be to remotest bit interested in reading my ramblings on here, its so nice of you all to visit and leave such nice messages. Thank you. Now for an update, I have actually managed to compete one of my goals for the month – climb a mountain! A slightly moderate one, due to taking the three little people with me, but a mountain nevertheless. Mount Coolum.

Mount Coolum

It was hard to get a decent photo of the approach, but i do like these dramatic cliffs

It was a perfect day for the trek, a little bit breezy, which was good to keep us cool, and beautiful and sunny but not too hot, a nice pleasant 25 degrees.

Summit mount coolum

Here I am with little one at the top. We went at a reasonable pace, stopping on the way to admire the amazing views. We got up there in under 30 minutes. The views at the top are fantastic and you can see for miles, up and down the coast and out to the hinterland.

summit view mount coolum

We treated ourselves to some ice creams afterwards (part of the bribe to get the girls enthused about the climb) and had a bit of a wander at Coolum Beach to stretch out the jelly legs. Back home I felt I deserved a sit down with a cuppa and some crochet. That brings me to my next goal, to finish the dishcloth gift set for my mother in law. I have started a spotty one this time.

tapestry crochet spotty dishcloth

Its going quite well, although I think I have made it too wide and I have too much white space either side of the dots. I will keep going though, rather than unravel and start again. Tapestry crochet is getting pretty addictive, there are so many designs to play with and colour combos. last night we all nestled on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn to watch black beauty, the 1994 version, with a very young David Thewlis, and Sean Bean (yum!). I cried at the end, typical me. Much to the amusement of my son.

I hope your week is going well! T x

Dodgy dishcloth

Thankyou for all your wonderful supportive comments on my last post. The dog situation seems to be under control now so our little pets are safe as they can be. We modified the guinea pig hutch by adding some tough chicken wire to add another layer of protection. We have had endless comings and goings of various tradesmen at the house over the past couple of weeks which has disrupted my blog routine, hence I have been a little quiet here lately, but I have managed to do a bit of crochet. I decided to have a go at making some dishcloths. Mine had seen better days and I figured having something bright and cheery in the kitchen would be a good thing, and possibly even motivate me to do the cleaning up.

striped dishcloth

My first foray into tapestry crochet didn’t quite work out. I was trying to make a repeated diamond pattern, and if you squint your eyes and look sideways a bit, it actually looks almost diamond-like. Just not uniform. At all. I just couldn’t work out why I wasn’t getting a neat edge on the pattern. I added a pretty border to finish it off and make it a little bigger as it had turned out smaller than I expected. What do you think?

tapestry crochet dishcloth

I guess after all, its a dishcloth, so however it turns out, at the end of the day it wipes the dishes and surfaces so it doesn’t matter. Its a good safe project for experimenting on new crochet stitches. The pink shell edging was a new one for me and very easy, just one double crochet, then miss 2 stitches and do five five treble crochet stitches in the third stitch, miss 2 and double crochet to finish the arch. Repeat. I have since looked up how to do tapestry crochet properly using the tutorial Julie wrote out on her blog little woollie. I really should have gone here first. Julie is the queen of tapestry washcloths, her designs are amazing.

crochet dishcloths

I made the second cloth in a simple stripe, with cute bobble edging I learnt from a great tutorial on Heidi bear’s blog.

crochet bobble edging

Not bad for a first attempt, need to work on my spacing though

For the tapestry crochet cloth I used 8 ply cotton and 3mm hook. For the striped cloth I used the same cotton and 4mm hook and just worked in double crochet (single US) changing colours every fifth row. I love these nice fresh colours. I might make a few more to have in my stash for gifts. I think they would be nice bundled up with a pretty homemade soap and hand cream. The perfect handmade gift.

Have you tried making dishcloths or made anything using tapestry crochet? I’d love to hear about your projects.