Five on friday – B for ..

Hello there! Time for another five on friday hosted by lovely Amy from Love made my home. My blog presence has been scarse lately. Too many soccer games and kids activities to coordinate leaves little time for blogging these days. I have been doing a fair amount of baking and crochet though so all is not lost.

This week its five Bs!

Bananas! Our neighbours left these homegrown bananas on the back deck this week. The bats were getting to them so he had to pick them early. They will ripen in a few days. I will be able to make plenty of banana bread with these.

homegrown bananas ripening

Balls! Of lovely cotton yarn that arrived in the post today. I just love getting yarn mail and I never get tired of this colour combo. I ran out of my turquoise colour but couldn’t just order one ball of yarn could I.

cotton yarn bendigo woollen mills

Bags! My friend loved my little crochet heart zip bag so much she asked if I could make her one in her favourite colours. She is recovering from heart surgery and rather liked the appropriate design! I am half way through this one but was waiting for my yarn order to finish it. Its supposed to rain this weekend and the kids soccer games are already cancelled due to waterlogged grounds from yesterday’s deluge. I am looking forward to some crochet time curled up on the couch listening to the rain.

turquoise crochet heart bag

Bikes! We saw these amazing stunt bikers at the sunshine coast agricultural show. I was having heart failure at their death defying antics. This guy in the photo is right off his bike and suspended in mid air! Very entertaining in a heart stopping kind of way.

stunt bikes

Bare! The veggie patch needed some attention after being abandoned since late summer. I have made good progress with the weeding and mulching. I have a fair bit to go but at least I can start planning what to grow. Last season we had great success with cucumbers, lettace, sugar snap peas and snowpeas. Courgettes were a complete disaster and red peppers were not so great. I might try carrots this time and broccolli as we get through a fair amount. Any tips on courgette growing anyone?

veggie patch ready to go

Thats it from me. Grab a cuppa and take a look at the other blogs joining in this week. Have a great weekend!


Five on Friday

Hello again! Its been a while but I am back to join in with Amy at Love made my home for her Five on Friday blog link up. I have been busy and behind with my blog posts so what better way to catch up than with a five on friday post.

1. I have been busy with more crochet projects and have moved on from washcloths to some rather cute purses. These are great for practicing sewing skills. I was always scared of adding zips in sewing projects, but after checking out some video tutorials on youtube I am now sewing like a pro! I use these little purses instead of a handbag now, as they are just big enough to fit phone, keys, cash and cards.

tapestry crochet bag

2. My littlest turned 7 last month, she had a star wars themed birthday party complete with R2D2 cake made by me. It took a while to figure out how to make him but got there in the end. I am not a fan of food colours for icing but bent the rules for this one.
R2D2 cake

3. We had a fair bit of rain a couple of weeks back and one particularly wet weekend we decided to check out Wappa Dam up on the range. The overflow over the dam wall was really spectacular, as was the river flowing from it.

wappa dam after heavy rain

wappa dam river flowThe walk down to the water was a little precarious with no proper footpath access.

20160501_144915_resized wappa dam walk and dam

wappa damCheck out those trees growing through the middle of the river flow!

4. I baked bread this week and I have to say it is the best loaf I have ever made. Hubby and the kids said it looks like a ‘proper loaf’. Now I know they were being polite about my previous bread efforts. Big thanks to my sister for passing on the recipe.

home made bread

5. You might remember I told you I had taken up mountain biking a few months back. Well I had my first proper bike injury after a fall down some rocks while biking with a friend on monday. My legs are so bruised and covered in cuts which are taking forever to heal. Not like in my younger days when things seemed to heal in a couple of days!

mountain bike injury

My legs look dirty in the photo but that is all the scratches and bruises!

Well thats my five latest happenings, I hope you all have a good weekend. Grab yourself a cuppa and check out the other blogs joining in this week.

Five on Friday

Its that time again, ending the week with five on friday, linking in with Amy from Love made my home. This time, five happies from my week.

1. Crochet coasters

I made these coasters using this free crochet coaster pattern. So easy, I sat making them while watching an episode of Grand Designs. They will go on our bedside tables for our weekend cuppa in bed. No soccer games this weekend, lay in!!

crochet coasters

2. Beachy bunting

I am very proud of my first ever bunting made by my own fair hand. I know I shared this in my spare room makeover post but I thought it deserved another mention. I’m calling it the beachy bunting as it looks very seasidey. It took me 5 hours to make, from cutting the triangles and setting up the sewing machine, to measuring and hanging on the wall, in between making dinner and locking up chooks. Not bad for a newbie sewer. Bunting is a great beginner project.

beachey bunting


beachy bunting3. Churros

My daughter and I went to Eumundi Markets on wednesday and tried the churros. They were sooooo good we went back for seconds. Real chocolate sauce and real cream. No artificial rubbish. The churros were toasted rather than deep fried. Still more calories consumed than I’d like, but worth it!

churros eumundi markets

4. Market purchases

A new scented candle from the amazing crackling candle company. Triple scented and with a wooden wick, these are unique and great quality. My favourite scents are coconut lime and french pear. When lit, you can hear the wick crackling while burning, like a mini open fire effect. I also bought some more cushions from plump homewares, I have serious cushion addiction!

IMG_5497 scented candle and cushions

5. Lemon butter chicken

You have to try this recipe from damndelicious, so easy to make and absolutely amazing. We had this with mash potato and steamed veggies. I was so impressed it had come out of my kitchen!! I used deboned Chicken thighs rather than the recommended legs and it still turned out great.

lemon butter chicken

It doesn’t look pretty, but tastes amazing. Might have to work on my presentation…

Thats my five for this week. Visit Amy’s blog to see who else is linking up this week. Have a great weekend!

Five on Friday

Hello again, linking in with Amy at Love Made my Home, five randoms from my week.

Buying – lovely cushions from Eumundi markets. Made from recycled plastic bottles! The fabric is just like very thick cotton, you would never know.

colourful cushions

Collecting – lovely fresh eggs from my chickens. Just look at the size of this big one we got this morning. Poor chicken! It was so big I couldn’t close the egg box properly!

free range eggs

Lunching – at beautiful Noosa. A special treat to catch up with some friends before school holidays begin.

Noosa beach

Walking – at the beach now we have fine weather again after a week of rain. I have a serious laundry issue at my place.

Mujimba beach

Making – some bunting from fabric I have laying around. It will go in the spare room once I have finished doing it up. There’s a bit of a beachy theme going on here.

fabric for bunting in blue

Have a lovely weekend! I Hope you can visit the other bloggers joining in with five on friday this week.


Five on Friday

Joining in with Amy from Love made my home, this week I’m sharing five wonderful things from our short break away to Stradbroke Island.

We wanted to take the in laws away somewhere where we could see a bit of wildlife, do a spot of fishing, and really just enjoy a quiet break away from normality. Stradbroke Island is the best place to get away from it all. The Island is situated just south of Brisbane in the Morton Bay region, just a 45 minute ferry ride from the mainland. The island has 5000 permanent residents, but in the summer holidays it peaks to 50000 people! I really cannot imagine how that many people can fit in such a small place. As we were going out of season it was lovely and quiet, we felt we had the place to ourselves. We stayed at Sea Shanties, in two cute, well appointed beach cabins by the water. Wild koalas were frequent visitors to the site. In our 11 years in Australia we have never seen Koalas in the wild until now, so this was fantastic. I was snapping away with my camera like a tourist on overdrive.

Wild Koala on stradbroke island Koala in a gum tree

We did the North Gorge walk which was just stunning. You can look down from the cliff tops and see sea turtles and rays swimming down in the water. It seemed pretty rough down there, like a washing machine with surf and sea going in all directions. The beaches were amazing with miles and miles of soft white sand and turquoise water. Apparently the beaches are notorious for sharks and friends have often seen huge sharks very close to shore. We didn’t spot any though, much to my son’s disappointment.

A kangaroo followed us along the coastal path

Kangaroo on the coastal path

North Gorge stradbroke island North Gorge Stradbroke island


danger sign stradbroke island cliffs

Scary sign on the cliffs.

stradbroke island beach

This beautiful beach was just a 10 minute walk from Sea Shanties

beach walk

Hunting for starfish

IMG_5362 IMG_5365 IMG_5347


Wild dolphins cruised past the site daily. They came right up to the jetty at night when we put the light on for fishing. They obviously knew this spot was an easy place to get a free meal.

IMG_5356 dolphins in the sea


I took my crochet with me to get some of the granny stripe blanket done. Sitting by the water basking in the winter sun with my crochet and a cuppa was just idyllic.

crochet granny stripe by the sea


We watched the most amazing sunsets, with the sky changing colour by the minute, displaying the most intense shades of orange and blue. We could enjoy this while cooking in the outdoor kitchen at night which was great, as we felt like we were camping, but had the comfort of a proper bed and shelter at night.


My daughter photo bombing the sunset shot

sunset on stradbroke island

I hope you enjoyed my five little snippets from Stradbroke Island. Its funny looking back over these pictures as it looks warm and sunny, but it was absolutely freezing!

Please go and visit the other bloggers joining in with Amy this week for Five on Friday.
Have a lovely weekend.

Five on Friday

Joining in with Amy from Love Made my Home for five on friday, this week its Five crochet dishcloths! I know, I know, I’ve been banging on about my dishcloths for a while, but they are so much fun to make! Who’d have thought dishcloths and fun could be in the same sentence! I have been gaining confidence in the old tapestry crochet malarky and tried out a few new designs.

tapestry crochet dishcloths

These three I finally completed as a set for my mother in law’s birthday present, along with a little crochet heart sachet and some gorgeous little soaps and handcreams from L’Occitane.

tapestry crochet

I was trying to get a good photo of them on a beautiful sunny day over the paddock gate, but the photo looks a bit like I’m trying too hard to get a rustic effect and not succeeding. Hope you like the sunshine and green grass anyway.

tapestry crochet zig zag pattern

I worked out a little zig zag pattern and finished this one last weekend. I think I used too many colours though. The white edging helps tone it down a bit.

zig zag tapestry crochet pattern

I decided to make this zig zag one with fatter rows and stuck to four less bright colours. Its coming along and I think it will be quite pretty with perhaps a pink border but undecided at the moment.

tapestry crochet spots

Out of all of them I think this spotty one is my favourite, despite its imperfections. Which one’s your fave?

Have a lovely weekend! Please go visit the other bloggers joining in this week.
Teresa x

Five on Friday

Joining in with Amy from Love Made My Home, my five on friday this week is five goals for the month.

Finish handmade dishcloth gift

I am making a set of three crochet dishcloths for my mother in law who is coming to visit from the UK at the end of the month. I thought it would be nice to give her a handmade gift that will be easy to pack and transport back to England. I bought some 8ply cotton recently to build up my supply of pretty bright colours.

cotton yarn colours and a crochet heart

I finally mastered a harlequin tapestry crochet pattern!

harlequin crochet dishcloth

I will need to make the third cloth to complete the set and I’m not sure whether to do spots or zig zags. I’m really enjoying this technique, but it did take several tries before I got it. I will add in a crochet scented heart pouch and some hand cream. Hopefully she’ll like it.

crochet dishcloths

Make a Pinata

We recently went to a 6 year old birthday party that was just so perfect. Perfect because it was a simple, no fuss affair. They set up a slip n slide out in the back yard for the kids to whizz down which was great fun. Then the kids played in the pool, then jumped out for a game of pass the parcel, followed by a homemade penguin cake, and then a whack of the piñata they had made themselves in the shape of a pig. My little one said it was the best day ever. She wants a piñata in the shape of a soccer ball for her party in a couple of weeks. I was relieved she didn’t come up with something more elaborate. I think I can manage that. This will also keep the kids entertained as a school holiday activity.

Climb a mountain

Its cooled down a bit this week, and as we still have a week of school holidays I have warned the kids that we’re going to climb a mountain. I’ve had a mixed response from them, but I know once we’re out there they will have a good time. There are a few to choose from and I hope to do them all eventually.

glasshouse mountains

view from Mary Cairncross scenic reserve

mount coolum in distance

Do something for myself

I’m a bit bad at this, as most mothers are. I think its because we focus on the family so much it feels strange to remove yourself from that environment and take some me-time. We’re not used to it. Yes I do my crochet and things I enjoy, but usually when I’m waiting at soccer training or outside school, or while watching a movie with the kids before bed. Squeezing it in when I can. I should do something relaxing and special. A manicure maybe or a facial would be nice. I did buy myself a sweet little pineapple doorstop the other day, 7 bucks from k-mart! It makes me smile when I prop open the door every day.

pineapple doorstop

See the sunrise at the beach

We are lucky to be close to many beautiful beaches on the sunshine coast. I am up early everyday at dawn, but never made it to the beach. Its lovely here first thing in the morning especially when the mist sinks low over the fields, its really pretty. The beach is magical too and I have this urge to see it in the morning when there are few people around.

mooloola river

Early morning at the river, Mooloolaba

Maybe you have some goals for the month. This is the first time I’ve written them down, and somehow it makes them seem more real. Like they are set in stone, so I must do them.

Thanks to Amy for organising the five on friday link up. Please go and visit the other blogs joining in this week.