Halloween crafty fun

I don’t know about you, but I like halloween. Its a bit of harmless fun, getting dressed up, doing craft with the kids, carving pumpkins, decorating the front door ready for trick or treaters. I love seeing all the costumes and the little kids excited faces.


I know halloween isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A couple of years ago my husband took the kids trick or treating down our street. One person had a sign up saying ‘we do not support this pagan festival’. I know it has dark undertones, but I do think they were a little bit over the top. When trick or treating with the kids now, we tend to only visit houses that have decorated for the occasion, that way we know we’re not upsetting those that aren’t into it. The kids and I always decorate pumpkins and put them outside so local families know we welcome trick or treaters. Our designs have been more adventurous this year.

three pumpkins different colour and shapes

These three were transformed into…

halloween decorated pumpkins

I was browsing the net to find some easy halloween craft projects I could do with the 5 year old, without too much help from me. I came across a lovely little craft project to make hanging bats at happy clippings. Its an easy little project that uses things I have in my craft cupboard, googly eyes, glue, black paint, ribbon and egg boxes.

IMG_4639 IMG_4642

I think they look pretty cute hanging about my place. For me, halloween is all about crafty fun and dressing up with the kids. They love it when I dress up too. Are you planning a party or some halloween fun this weekend?

jack o lantern


A nice surprise in the mail

Getting a gift in the mail has to be one of the nicest things. Especially when its from your mum. Yesterday I got a lovely surprise when I found a package at my door. A belated birthday present for B and I handmade by my mum. Cute little pincushion mice and a knitted bunny for A. Arn’t they sweet!

knitted bunny and mice

fabric handmade mice

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the girls got their hands on the mice. I was trying to take pictures while the light was still good, but they were nagging me with ‘are you done yet?’ ‘its taking aaaages!’ and ‘come ooooon!’, so some quick snaps were all I could do before they pounced.

kids playing with fabric mice

My mum sent me the pattern for the bunny a while back, I just hadn’t got around to making it yet. She had some leftover from a tabletop sale she organised at easter as a fundraiser for the church. Unfortunately they didn’t sell that well. Can’t imagine why, they are so cute, handmade, and were selling at almost nothing.

knitted bunny

I love these little toys. My mum used to make the mice for church fetes when we were young and I remember being just like my girls now, itching to have a play with them before they were whisked off for sale.

I also had another big surprise for my birthday last month – I will reveal this later once I’ve got the hang of it.

I hope you are having a good week.
T x