Five on Friday – showtime!


Hello! I am once again joining in with Amy from love made my home for Five on Friday.

The annual Maleny show started today and we decided to take the day off to have some good old fashioned fun in the country. The Maleny show is a traditional agricultural show with all the things you would expect, horses, showjumping, cattle, sheepdog trials, poultry, rides, arts and crafts, cookery and preserves, and lots of food. Here are five snippets from our wonderful day.

1. The competitions were fantastic fun. My youngest daughter and I decided to enter our little projects, and between us managed to collect first second and third prizes! I was so chuffed! The competition was tough, there were some very good exhibits. Remember my crochet zip purse from last week? That received first prize in the needlework ‘gift-something useful’ section. I couldn’t believe it! Ava got third prize for her cute little pom pom hedgehog family. Ā My bread received second prize!

crochet zip pursehomemade white breadpom pom hedgehogs

2. We enjoyed watching this horseriding stunt lady. Riding a horse normally is tricky enough for me. This is another level entirely! She even went over jumps like this!

horse riding stuntshorse riding stunts

3. The animals were amazing, we took a shine to these belted galloways. Hubby rather likes these and is tempted to have some to help keep the grass down on the 10 acres we have.


4. The poultry were great too. The cockerels were enormous! This one was very splendid.


5. With my prize winnings I treated myself to a henna tattoo. It will last a week or so. I love these indian inspired patterns, so beautiful.

henna tattoo hand

Thats it from me. I would have taken more photos but we had five children with us which was a bit of a challenge! Grab a cuppa and take a look at the other bloggers joining in this week.


card making

Its amazing what you can do with a few scraps of fabric, yarn, card and felt hanging around in the craft cupboard. A friend of mine had her birthday at the weekend and we are meeting for coffee tomorrow to celebrate. I had forgotten to get her a card, so I decided to quickly make one before the school run. I crocheted a flower, found a little button to sew on for the centre, cut a piece of fabric for the background and made a card using some leftover white card from a school project. I stuck all the bits on with craft glue. I think it looks rather cute.

crochet flower birthday card

I hope she likes it. Its not perfect, but then that is what makes handmade cards all the more appealing.

crochet flower birthday card

The little one and I spent an hour making cards for Fathers Day which was last weekend. We came up with these designs using scraps of felt and card from the craft cupboard again

felt handmade fathers day cards

I think we will be making more cards in the future. Definitely cheaper than the shops!

Have a great week šŸ™‚

Dishcloth swap package

I am way overdue with this post. Things have been hectic again with birthday parties, a performance night, a school carnival, soccer games, sleepovers and a house full of animals with various ailments. A sick guinea pig in the hallway, a broody hen in the garage (more about her in another post soon), and a boisterous puppy on the veranda. Of course all this happens when Hubby is away for a 2 week work trip to India! Needless to say I haven’t been near the computer for weeks! During my absence from blogging I received a parcel from the lovely Kimberley from Creative Chaos who hosted a dishcloth swap recently.

dishcloth swap package

Excuse the photo quality, it was a gloomy day

I was so excited with my parcel I launched into the contents rather too hastily and forgot to get the camera first! I had to try the lovely New Zealand Breakfast tea (divine) and the yummy chocolate treats, which melted in the letterbox on an unseasonably hot day! Unperturbed by this I munched happily away on the contents regardless! The whittakers chic peanut bar is long gone.

tea towel

Isn’t the tea towel fab! I’m thinking about framing it and putting it on my kitchen wall. The pretty coasters depict native New Zealand birds and flowers.Ā The gorgeous dishcloth is made with the loveliest chunky speckled cotton yarn.

hand knitted dishcloth

Thanks so much to Kimberley for hosting the swap and for the lovely package. I have been spoiled! You can see what I sent Kimberley here. If you haven’t visited kimberley’s blog have a look. She is hosting another swap with a seasons theme, its not too late to join in, entries close August 25 and swaps to be posted by the end of September. Hope you can join in – open worldwide.

Five on Friday

Its that time again, ending the week with five on friday, linking in with Amy from Love made my home. This time, five happiesĀ from my week.

1. Crochet coasters

I made these coasters using this free crochet coaster pattern. So easy, I sat making them while watching an episode of Grand Designs. They will go on our bedside tables for our weekend cuppa in bed. No soccer games this weekend, lay in!!

crochet coasters

2. Beachy bunting

I am very proud of my first ever bunting made by my own fair hand. I know I shared this in my spare room makeover post but I thought it deserved another mention. I’m calling it the beachy bunting as it looks very seasidey. It took me 5 hours to make, from cutting the triangles and setting up the sewing machine, to measuring and hanging on the wall, in between making dinner and locking up chooks. Not bad for a newbie sewer. Bunting is a great beginner project.

beachey bunting


beachy bunting3. Churros

My daughter and I went to Eumundi Markets on wednesday and tried the churros. They were sooooo good we went back for seconds. Real chocolate sauce and real cream. No artificial rubbish. The churros were toasted rather than deep fried. Still more calories consumed than I’d like, but worth it!

churros eumundi markets

4. Market purchases

A new scented candle from the amazing crackling candle company. Triple scented and with a wooden wick, these are unique and great quality. My favourite scents are coconut lime and french pear. When lit, you can hear the wick crackling while burning, like a mini open fire effect. I also bought some more cushions from plump homewares, I have serious cushion addiction!

IMG_5497 scented candle and cushions

5. Lemon butter chicken

You have to try this recipe from damndelicious, so easy to make and absolutely amazing. We had this with mash potato and steamed veggies. I was so impressed it had come out of my kitchen!! I used deboned Chicken thighs rather than the recommended legs and it still turned out great.

lemon butter chicken

It doesn’t look pretty, but tastes amazing. Might have to work on my presentation…

Thats my five for this week. Visit Amy’s blog to see who else is linking up this week. Have a great weekend!

Spare room makeover

As promised, I have finally finished taking pictures of my spare room makeover which I’ve been dying to share with you.Ā It is going to become my craft room, where I will have a place for all my yarn, toy fibre, fabrics, sewing machine, buttons, crochet hooks, knitting needles and little nick knacksĀ that only I appreciate. My little space where I can be creative and make a mess without having to tidy it away before dinner time. I’m so excited!

bedroom pre decorating

Here is the room in its original state when we viewed the house. It adjoins another bedroom separated only by a wobbly wall made of chipboard that didn’t even reach up to the ceiling. We took the wall down and got a handyman in to create a proper wall with built in storage cupboards for each room. The following photos show how it looked after the wall addition, and before I started painting it last week.




The window wall has not been rendered, so it has a bit of a prison cell feel to it with the brick. To make matters worse, its painted dark brown, which closes the room in. The other walls are gyprock. I don’t like the terracotta floor tiles, but they extend all through the ground floor and would be too expensive to change, so I have to work with what I have to try and detract from them and brighten things up. I have removed the curtains and had a roller blind put in instead to allow more light in.


This photo is looking back towards the door, see the new built in cupboards! They made such a difference.Ā And below is the room all painted white! What do you think?

spare room makeover

Painting that brick wall was serious hard work. I had to use a brush to get the paint into each gap between the bricks. It took forever. I still have a long way to go to get the room ready for crafting. The dart board is my son’s and it is staying for now, I quite like playing too, so I am happy to share. I madeĀ some bunting to decorate the wall. I used denim from old jeans I cut up and saved, and some nice beige cotton I had already, and some blue striped fabric I picked up from Lincraft in the sale at next to nothing.Ā Another blogger mentioned adding some red fabric in, which I did and it made all the difference.

bunting fabric

I am pretty hopeless at sewing and had to re-learn how to use the sewing machine again, but even I could manage to make bunting. I was really impressed with myself. Plus, its such a thrifty way to decorate a room.

beachy bunting

I’m really happy with how its all looking, and we actually spend time in there now. Before it was dark and dingy, and a bit of a junk magnet. Now its bright and cheery and being used. I can’t wait to get my craft stuff in there. It will double up as a guest room so I will have to keep it tidy. That might be the next challenge.

spare room makeover

Have a great week, hope the sun shines!


Five on Friday

Hello again, linking in with Amy at Love Made my Home, five randoms from my week.

Buying – lovely cushions from Eumundi markets. Made from recycled plastic bottles! The fabric is just like very thick cotton, you would never know.

colourful cushions

Collecting – lovely fresh eggs from my chickens. Just look at the size of this big one we got this morning. Poor chicken! It was so big I couldn’t close the egg box properly!

free range eggs

Lunching – at beautiful Noosa. A special treat to catch up with some friends before school holidays begin.

Noosa beach

Walking – at the beach now we have fine weather again after a week of rain. I have a serious laundry issue at my place.

Mujimba beach

Making – some bunting from fabric I have laying around. It will go in the spare room once I have finished doing it up. There’s a bit of a beachy theme going on here.

fabric for bunting in blue

Have a lovely weekend! I Hope you can visit the other bloggers joining in with five on friday this week.


Yarny update and a prize in the post

I love the world of blogging, so many lovely people sharing so many lovely things. Its so great to connect with like minded people all over the world and share in each other’s craft projects and highs and lows of life. Today I received the most fabulous prize in the post. I was the lucky runner up in Jill from Emerald Cottage‘s 100 post giveaway. In my excitement I tore open the package before photographing it, but look what I got inside!

Emerald cottage giveaway prize

handmade card

crochet heart keyring

The little heart keyring is adorable and so beautifully made. I have a pattern for some ombre mitts, a new crochet hook which is great because I snapped my no. 4 hook just this week (I sat on it!) some lovely yarn and a gorgeous handmade card from Jill. I can’t wait to get started on the mitts. The wool colours are gorgeous. I have to say a big thank you to Jill, as its not cheap posting all the way to Australia from the UK. I really do appreciate it šŸ™‚

In other yarny news, I have started a granny stripe blanket, and I’m making reasonably good progress. It is so much easier than I thought it would be. I’m using wool from my stash, plus a few new colours thrown in, just some cheap acrylic yarn from Big W.

crochet granny stripe blanket beginnings

We are going away next week to Stradbroke Island for a short getaway with the in-laws before they head back to the UK the following week. I am planning to do a whole lot of crochet while I am there. We are staying in a couple of beach cabins right by the water. I can’t think of anything better than sitting with a nice cuppa listening to the waves and watching the kids play, with a crochet project to keep me busy. Really looking forward to it.

crochet granny stripe

Have a good weekend. I will share some pictures of our trip when I get back xx