Five on Friday – showtime!


Hello! I am once again joining in with Amy from love made my home for Five on Friday.

The annual Maleny show started today and we decided to take the day off to have some good old fashioned fun in the country. The Maleny show is a traditional agricultural show with all the things you would expect, horses, showjumping, cattle, sheepdog trials, poultry, rides, arts and crafts, cookery and preserves, and lots of food. Here are five snippets from our wonderful day.

1. The competitions were fantastic fun. My youngest daughter and I decided to enter our little projects, and between us managed to collect first second and third prizes! I was so chuffed! The competition was tough, there were some very good exhibits. Remember my crochet zip purse from last week? That received first prize in the needlework ‘gift-something useful’ section. I couldn’t believe it! Ava got third prize for her cute little pom pom hedgehog family.  My bread received second prize!

crochet zip pursehomemade white breadpom pom hedgehogs

2. We enjoyed watching this horseriding stunt lady. Riding a horse normally is tricky enough for me. This is another level entirely! She even went over jumps like this!

horse riding stuntshorse riding stunts

3. The animals were amazing, we took a shine to these belted galloways. Hubby rather likes these and is tempted to have some to help keep the grass down on the 10 acres we have.


4. The poultry were great too. The cockerels were enormous! This one was very splendid.


5. With my prize winnings I treated myself to a henna tattoo. It will last a week or so. I love these indian inspired patterns, so beautiful.

henna tattoo hand

Thats it from me. I would have taken more photos but we had five children with us which was a bit of a challenge! Grab a cuppa and take a look at the other bloggers joining in this week.


Five on Friday

Hello again! Its been a while but I am back to join in with Amy at Love made my home for her Five on Friday blog link up. I have been busy and behind with my blog posts so what better way to catch up than with a five on friday post.

1. I have been busy with more crochet projects and have moved on from washcloths to some rather cute purses. These are great for practicing sewing skills. I was always scared of adding zips in sewing projects, but after checking out some video tutorials on youtube I am now sewing like a pro! I use these little purses instead of a handbag now, as they are just big enough to fit phone, keys, cash and cards.

tapestry crochet bag

2. My littlest turned 7 last month, she had a star wars themed birthday party complete with R2D2 cake made by me. It took a while to figure out how to make him but got there in the end. I am not a fan of food colours for icing but bent the rules for this one.
R2D2 cake

3. We had a fair bit of rain a couple of weeks back and one particularly wet weekend we decided to check out Wappa Dam up on the range. The overflow over the dam wall was really spectacular, as was the river flowing from it.

wappa dam after heavy rain

wappa dam river flowThe walk down to the water was a little precarious with no proper footpath access.

20160501_144915_resized wappa dam walk and dam

wappa damCheck out those trees growing through the middle of the river flow!

4. I baked bread this week and I have to say it is the best loaf I have ever made. Hubby and the kids said it looks like a ‘proper loaf’. Now I know they were being polite about my previous bread efforts. Big thanks to my sister for passing on the recipe.

home made bread

5. You might remember I told you I had taken up mountain biking a few months back. Well I had my first proper bike injury after a fall down some rocks while biking with a friend on monday. My legs are so bruised and covered in cuts which are taking forever to heal. Not like in my younger days when things seemed to heal in a couple of days!

mountain bike injury

My legs look dirty in the photo but that is all the scratches and bruises!

Well thats my five latest happenings, I hope you all have a good weekend. Grab yourself a cuppa and check out the other blogs joining in this week.

Five on Friday

Hello! So nice to be joining Amy for her Five on Friday link up again after the UK summer break. We are getting some nice spring weather here in Australia and some much needed rain. Our water tank is overflowing and things are looking nice and green.

I have a red and white theme this week, as all my projects this week featured those colours. Firstly, I made the yummiest strawberry ice cream from the strawberries we picked at the farm last weekend. They were getting a bit too mushy for normal eating so I tried this strawberry ice cream recipe. It worked out beautifully, although my picture does not look like the one on the link. I think its because my egg yolks from our eggs are so orange they have muted the pink strawberry colour. I have made strawberry ice cream before but it didn’t work out so well as it developed ice crystals and had an icy crunchy texture. This one is much better.

strawberry ice cream


I made my first dress this week for my daughter with the fabric I bought last weekend (remember the fabric splurge). I didn’t use the scary simplicity pattern in the end, but made up a modified version of a pillowcase dress. I am very happy with it and I think B is too. I originally made it with a straight hem border, but it didn’t look right, so I unpicked it and made a ruffle hem instead which is much prettier. I found some great tutorials on the net for making a ruffle hem and actually, I remember learning how to gather fabric many years ago at school, I had just completely forgotten. The best and easiest tutorial I found was from make it & love it, and I thank the lovely lady for posting such great instructions and pictures. I will finish the dress off with a little belt made from the hem fabric, as B wanted an elastic waist but it won’t work as it is a reasonably snug fit (I had intended for it to be much more flared). A little belt should pull it in nicely.

ruffle hem dress


I have started making some crochet christmas decorations. I can’t believe how quick and easy they are. 30 minutes and they are done! I made this little christmas tree.

crochet christmas tree


I also made a star, but ran out of yarn before the last point, arghh!

crochet star


Finally, our mulberry tree is bearing lots of fruit and we have red berries all over. I have never had mulberries before so I’m looking forward to experimenting with a few recipes for these. If you have any good mulberry recipes and don’t mind sharing them that would be great. I’m hoping they will make a nice jam.

IMG_5581 mulberry tree

Have a great weekend!
T x

knitting, baking and cultivating

Strictly speaking this post should be titled crochet, baking and cultivating, but it just didn’t sound right. We had a lovely weekend pottering about in the garden and the kitchen. Its amazing what you can get done once the soccer season is finished! Here’s a quick round up.

crochet hearts and frilly bunting

I made this sweet crochet heart bunting using my three favourite colours that work so well together. I love this light turquoise cotton yarn. Once finished, I put my feet up on the deck with a cuppa, feeling quite pleased with myself.

crochet heart bunting

I decided to hang it on the wall in the family room off the kitchen. Hubby just rolled his eyes when he saw it saying ‘oh you put it there did you’.

coloured accessories in lounge room

dusk photo showing view from the kitchen

We spent time outdoors working on the veggie patch and using the compost from the bin. It turned out pretty good, I don’t have a great track record with compost making. Supposedly a simple thing to create, but I usually end up with a stinking slimey mess. This time is was crumbly and rich. We planted cauliflowers, broccoli, snow peas, lettuce, sugar snap peas, zucchini and a giant pumpkin seed, just for fun.

homemade compost

One of the chooks enjoying a peck about in the grass.

free range brown chook

We made lemonade using the last of the citrus.

homemade lemonade

A colourful tray of fresh veggies ready to go in the oven with butterfly lamb for dinner.

fresh roast veggies

I made some vanilla bean ice cream as we had an egg surplus due to hubby being away these past 2 weeks. My son helped make chocolate lava pudding to have with it. Not the prettiest dessert but so yum!

chocolate lava pudding with homemade vanilla bean ice cream
Thats my weekend round up. What did you get up to?
T x

Five on Friday

Its that time again, ending the week with five on friday, linking in with Amy from Love made my home. This time, five happies from my week.

1. Crochet coasters

I made these coasters using this free crochet coaster pattern. So easy, I sat making them while watching an episode of Grand Designs. They will go on our bedside tables for our weekend cuppa in bed. No soccer games this weekend, lay in!!

crochet coasters

2. Beachy bunting

I am very proud of my first ever bunting made by my own fair hand. I know I shared this in my spare room makeover post but I thought it deserved another mention. I’m calling it the beachy bunting as it looks very seasidey. It took me 5 hours to make, from cutting the triangles and setting up the sewing machine, to measuring and hanging on the wall, in between making dinner and locking up chooks. Not bad for a newbie sewer. Bunting is a great beginner project.

beachey bunting


beachy bunting3. Churros

My daughter and I went to Eumundi Markets on wednesday and tried the churros. They were sooooo good we went back for seconds. Real chocolate sauce and real cream. No artificial rubbish. The churros were toasted rather than deep fried. Still more calories consumed than I’d like, but worth it!

churros eumundi markets

4. Market purchases

A new scented candle from the amazing crackling candle company. Triple scented and with a wooden wick, these are unique and great quality. My favourite scents are coconut lime and french pear. When lit, you can hear the wick crackling while burning, like a mini open fire effect. I also bought some more cushions from plump homewares, I have serious cushion addiction!

IMG_5497 scented candle and cushions

5. Lemon butter chicken

You have to try this recipe from damndelicious, so easy to make and absolutely amazing. We had this with mash potato and steamed veggies. I was so impressed it had come out of my kitchen!! I used deboned Chicken thighs rather than the recommended legs and it still turned out great.

lemon butter chicken

It doesn’t look pretty, but tastes amazing. Might have to work on my presentation…

Thats my five for this week. Visit Amy’s blog to see who else is linking up this week. Have a great weekend!

Five on Friday

Its school holidays here and this week has just flown by. We’ve been busy with park meet-ups and play dates, card games, baking, gardening and dog walking. I wanted to share a post of my spare room makeover this week but time just went and its friday already! Time to link up with Amy from Love Made my Home for Five on Friday!

1. Dog walks on the beach

Its been nice to have the kids for company on some dog walks this week. Our pup Kess is 3 months old and I have never had a dog before, so I am getting used to dog world. Having a few extra pairs of hands helps me get a bit more confident being out and about with her. There is a beach that is off leash for dogs where she can run with the kids and learn to socialise with other dogs. I’m still a bit anxious, but I know the more we go out in public with her, the better it will be.

20150623_141551 20150623_143741 dog walks on the beach



2. Making pumpkin soup

This is the lunch of choice at the moment, simple homemade soup, perfect for the cooler weather.

homemade pumpkin soup

3. A gift from my husband

My husband bought Dawn French’s book ‘oh Dear Silvia’ at the airport for me the other day. Have any of you read it? Sounds like it will be a good read. I have never read any of her books before and I’m looking forward to starting it. Just need to find the time!

oh dear silvia, dawn french

4. A dinner recipe

I bought a chicken from the farmers market the other day. Not just any old chicken, this was ginormous! It was more like a turkey, and weighed 3kg! I asked the farmer what he had been feeding his chickens. He told me a load of them escaped and they couldn’t find them anywhere and thought that was that. A couple of weeks or so later they turn up again, and they are massive! He reckons they had been hiding out in the pig pen eating the pig’s food and thats why they got so big! Anyway, I roasted it the other night for dinner, knowing I would have heaps of leftovers. The next night I found a recipe for leftover chicken curry, which I adapted by adding a few other bits in, and it was a big hit. Absolutely delicious. The chicken cost me 15 dollars, very cheap for such a monster, and fed the five of us for two nights dinner, plus extra for sandwiches for lunch. Bargain!

leftover chicken curry

Here is the recipe for leftover chicken curry, which I adapted from this link for leftover chicken ideas:

1 onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 tbsp fresh ginger, grated
300ml chicken stock
Tomato passata, or tin chopped tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato puree
1-2 cups cauliflower
1 small sweet potato
leftover roast chicken, roughly chopped
salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/2 can coconut milk
2 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp garam masala
half tsp ground cardamom
half tsp ground cinnamon
half tsp ground turmeric
half tsp ground chilli powder (or to taste)
fresh coriander, chopped, to serve


Fry onion with salt until soft, then add garlic and ginger and fry for 2-3 minutes more. Add the spices and coat onion evenly, gently fry for 2 minutes. Then add the tomato passata and puree, cook for 1 minute then add the stock. bring to boil then add the cauliflower and sweet potato and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Stir in the coconut milk, then add the chopped chicken and warm through. Serve with steamed rice and sprinkle with fresh coriander.

5. A dishcloth swap

I am happy to be joining in with Kimberley at Creative Chaos for her dishcloth swap this year, and I have been paired up with Kimberley herself! I’ve not taken part before, so this should be fun, and you know how I love my dishcloths! I won’t share any photos now so I don’t spoil the surprise, but I will keep you posted on how it turns out.

Have a lovely weekend, if you get chance, hop over to Amy’s blog to visit the other bloggers joining in.

Catching up

Well after a restful wet weekend I am back into my usual cleaning and house tidying routine today. The in laws flew back to the UK on thursday and we had a public holiday on friday so the kids were home and it was raining. Today is the first chance I have had to get things back in order. Cleaning really fell by the wayside with guests in the house. They spent quite a bit of time reading books or snoring on the sofa. I felt I couldn’t really barge in with the dyson blaring at full whack and ruin their peace and quiet. I am happy now the house is all back to normal. I even managed to catch up on some blogging and try a new crochet pattern, these little granny squares from Lucy’s great tutorial at Attic 24.

crochet granny squares

I did a few of these while waiting at the doctors with my my daughter. Such a great portable little project for when you’re out and about. I’m not sure what I will make yet, maybe a cushion.

crochet granny square

We had a wet weekend which was good as we needed some rain to top up our water tank. With seven of us in the house it was dropping steadily and I was starting to worry how we’d manage during the dry season. We have more guests turning up in a couple of weeks (family of 5!) So the rain was a good thing and the tank is now overflowing. I placed a laundry tub under the overflow to catch the excess, which I will use to fill up the chicken’s water container.

collecting rain water

It was nice to just chill out at home and enjoy cosying up watching movies and playing cards with the kids. They love the game ‘go fish’ and will play it for hours. Its easy enough for the 6 year old to play, and entertaining enough for the older ones too. No weekend would be complete without a spot of baking though, I made this yummy, sinful white chocolate and raspberry slice, gluten free. This is mine and hubby’s favourite.

IMG_5413 whist chocolate and raspberry slice

On sunday we made a rare trip to the movies to see Jurassic World. I thought it was going to be awful, after the last jurassic movie sequel, but I really enjoyed it. Very similar to the original Jurassic Park movie, with some almost identical scenes, but very entertaining. You can pretty much guess from the start who is going to get eaten. The story is predictable, the lab nerds create a ‘super dinosaur’ from a cocktail of DNA selected from the scariest, fastest, smartest, meanest, biggest dinosaurs, with a few other bits thrown in. Of course this monster dino figures out how to escape its enclosure and creates havoc on the island (I’m not spoiling the movie here, its obvious from the get go). Of course there are a few raptors and T-Rex thrown in for good measure. All good family fun. We came home and had scrambled eggs on toast for dinner! Not our usual sunday fare, but it was quick and easy which suited me, and no one seemed to mind. Our chooks are laying heaps of eggs now, so it was great to use them up and eat them fresh. We had 11 eggs today, the most so far.

free range eggs

eggs drying on the draining board. While eggs and the nesting boxes are clean, chicken’s feet are not.

After all the cleaning and house organising today I took my daughter down to Caloundra for her gymnastics class. I did my usual walk along the coastal pathway which I can fit in before dark. Its such a nice time to be out. The light is slowly failing and the shadows are long. There are a few couples and families out walking dogs, jogging, cycling or kicking a ball around. Its a very nice way to end the day.

bulcock beach

In this next photo you can just see a Kangaroo on the beach in the distance. I stood watching him for a while hopping along, then stopping to graze. I see him every week. Its probably not the same one but I like to think it is.

kangaroo on beach in distance

The coastal path connects Bulcock Beach with Kings beach via this boardwalk that juts out over the rocks. There are steps down to the rocks and little patches of beach where you can hunt for crabs and shells.

caloundra coastal path

Kings beach is pretty much deserted, except for the odd fisherman and surfer.

Kings beach caloundra


Bulcock beach caloundraIt was almost dark when I got back to the car. I made a quick trip to Woollies for the groceries, picked my daughter up then headed home for dinner. Bolognaise tonight, made earlier in between the school run and gymnastics run. Just call me super mum!
I hope your weekend was a good one.
T x