Five on friday – B for ..

Hello there! Time for another five on friday hosted by lovely Amy from Love made my home. My blog presence has been scarse lately. Too many soccer games and kids activities to coordinate leaves little time for blogging these days. I have been doing a fair amount of baking and crochet though so all is not lost.

This week its five Bs!

Bananas! Our neighbours left these homegrown bananas on the back deck this week. The bats were getting to them so he had to pick them early. They will ripen in a few days. I will be able to make plenty of banana bread with these.

homegrown bananas ripening

Balls! Of lovely cotton yarn that arrived in the post today. I just love getting yarn mail and I never get tired of this colour combo. I ran out of my turquoise colour but couldn’t just order one ball of yarn could I.

cotton yarn bendigo woollen mills

Bags! My friend loved my little crochet heart zip bag so much she asked if I could make her one in her favourite colours. She is recovering from heart surgery and rather liked the appropriate design! I am half way through this one but was waiting for my yarn order to finish it. Its supposed to rain this weekend and the kids soccer games are already cancelled due to waterlogged grounds from yesterday’s deluge. I am looking forward to some crochet time curled up on the couch listening to the rain.

turquoise crochet heart bag

Bikes! We saw these amazing stunt bikers at the sunshine coast agricultural show. I was having heart failure at their death defying antics. This guy in the photo is right off his bike and suspended in mid air! Very entertaining in a heart stopping kind of way.

stunt bikes

Bare! The veggie patch needed some attention after being abandoned since late summer. I have made good progress with the weeding and mulching. I have a fair bit to go but at least I can start planning what to grow. Last season we had great success with cucumbers, lettace, sugar snap peas and snowpeas. Courgettes were a complete disaster and red peppers were not so great. I might try carrots this time and broccolli as we get through a fair amount. Any tips on courgette growing anyone?

veggie patch ready to go

Thats it from me. Grab a cuppa and take a look at the other blogs joining in this week. Have a great weekend!


19 thoughts on “Five on friday – B for ..

  1. I’m growing courgettes again this year alongside mixed salads, dwarf haricot beans, herbs and of course lovely new potatoes. The weather has not been kind so far this month so fingers crossed we’ll get some sunshine soon, that’s what courgettes appreciate!

  2. Courgette is about the only thing that grows reliably here, and artichokes, which I can recommend because they come back year after year after year. I love your neat crochet stitches, and the design is cute, too. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hubby and I enjoy a daily banana. You’re so fortunate to have so many delicious tropical fruits growing where you live. How generous of your neighbour to share some surplus bananas. We’re growing melons for the first time. We also have a courgette plant growing in the covered yard. I think courgettes need regular amounts of water so that they don’t dry out. .Your crochet makes are lovely using such pretty cotton yarn. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment which is much appreciated.Enjoy the activities with your children.

  4. What a wonderful neighbour leaving bananas. Loved the colours of the yarn that arrived in the post. I do a lot of container gardening and am growing broad beans, peas, lettuce spring onions, tomatoes and a wide selection of herbs. We are in urgent need of some sun…

  5. So much to be thankful for! I love your cotton yarn – the color combination is fabulous.
    What lovely neighbors you have – you’ll be making lots of banana bread and smoothies, I’m sure.

  6. That’s a great shot of the guy on the bike, I wouldn’t fancy doing that! How lovely to have home grown bananas. πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, home grown bananas and yummy banana bread. Courgettes is one of the few things we seem to manage, we tried broccoli last year, but ended up with a mass caterpillar invasion xx

  8. It was fun to read about your Five on Friday B’s πŸ™‚ The biker photo was amazing [scary!]. I have had just fails with courgettes here near Portland, Oregon, and have not figured out the right place and amount of water to get them to thrive. I want to try again, though. The heart bag you are making for your friend is lovely, and I am certain she will treasure it.

  9. I’ve never even HEARD of courgette! Will have to google that when I finish leaving a comment. lol As for gardening, I’d be putting in tomatoes…I love home grown tomatoes.
    Love your color choices of yarn and really enjoyed your crochet bag you made for your friend.

  10. Great Bs! How cool to have neighbours leave bananas for you. They freeze ok (for smoothies) if you get fed up with banana bread! You’re right to have not stopped at ordering one ball of yarn πŸ™‚ the colours are great and I’m sure your friend will be thrilled with her zip bag. xx

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