Five on friday

Hello!!! So glad to be back here for five on friday, a blog linkup party from the lovely Amy at Love made my home.
Today its Five D’s.

D for Delicious. I treated myself to this little slice of gorgeousness. Strawberry cheesecake, gluten free, additive free, just how it should be. Made fresh from a local bakery called Homemade Bliss. I love that they use pure natural ingredients in their baking. Maybe it should be Y for Yum!

Gluten free strawberry cheesecake

D for Dreamcatcher. Its a week of treats for me, another little gem picked up from Caloundra street markets on sunday. Beautifully made, the crochet is so intricate. I just had to squeeze it onto our bedroom wall.

Turquoise bedroom wall

crochet dreamcatcher

D is for Dog. Or should it be N for Naughty!! She has just turned 1 and is a bit cheeky. She ran off on our morning walk this morning so she’s in the Doghouse!

chocolate ladbrador

D is for double crochet. I am making an easter bunny for my little one and hoping I finish it in time.

crochet stripes

And finally, D is for Drink! My friday tipple. A chilled white wine after a busy week. Divine! (there is some left in the bottle I promise, its been in the fridge all week!)

friday wine

Have a great weekend! Check out the other blogs linking up for five on friday.


11 thoughts on “Five on friday

  1. Great five things for Friday. The dreamcatcher is so intricate and pretty, a great market find. Wouldn’t mind a bit of chilled white wine too later in the evening when the kids have gone to bed 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!! X

  2. That is a brilliant five! The cheesecake looks delicious and I love the dream catcher, I wonder if I can pick one up for my daughter on Etsy?!? Your dog is gorgeous, if a little naughty, our black lab is nearly three and ran off for the first time ever a few weeks ago, he gave us the shock of our lives! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your tipple, chin chin xx

  3. My symphaties with a naughty young dog! They can drive you crazy but are forgiven nevertheless – always 🙂 Lovely weekend!

  4. Poor doggie…she just wanted to explore! Mine is also unpredictable…always on a leash. The dream catcher is lovely, and I hope you show us a picture of the finished bunny.

  5. Definitely five lots of lovely!!! We have that wine sometimes too, it is lovely isn’t it! Your new dreamcatcher is beautiful! I hope it catches all of your hopes and dreams and makes them wonderful! Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you have a good weekend and a good Easter! xx

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