Five on Friday

Hello! So nice to be joining Amy for her Five on Friday link up again after the UK summer break. We are getting some nice spring weather here in Australia and some much needed rain. Our water tank is overflowing and things are looking nice and green.

I have a red and white theme this week, as all my projects this week featured those colours. Firstly, I made the yummiest strawberry ice cream from the strawberries we picked at the farm last weekend. They were getting a bit too mushy for normal eating so I tried this strawberry ice cream recipe. It worked out beautifully, although my picture does not look like the one on the link. I think its because my egg yolks from our eggs are so orange they have muted the pink strawberry colour. I have made strawberry ice cream before but it didn’t work out so well as it developed ice crystals and had an icy crunchy texture. This one is much better.

strawberry ice cream


I made my first dress this week for my daughter with the fabric I bought last weekend (remember the fabric splurge). I didn’t use the scary simplicity pattern in the end, but made up a modified version of a pillowcase dress. I am very happy with it and I think B is too. I originally made it with a straight hem border, but it didn’t look right, so I unpicked it and made a ruffle hem instead which is much prettier. I found some great tutorials on the net for making a ruffle hem and actually, I remember learning how to gather fabric many years ago at school, I had just completely forgotten. The best and easiest tutorial I found was from make it & love it, and I thank the lovely lady for posting such great instructions and pictures. I will finish the dress off with a little belt made from the hem fabric, as B wanted an elastic waist but it won’t work as it is a reasonably snug fit (I had intended for it to be much more flared). A little belt should pull it in nicely.

ruffle hem dress


I have started making some crochet christmas decorations. I can’t believe how quick and easy they are. 30 minutes and they are done! I made this little christmas tree.

crochet christmas tree


I also made a star, but ran out of yarn before the last point, arghh!

crochet star


Finally, our mulberry tree is bearing lots of fruit and we have red berries all over. I have never had mulberries before so I’m looking forward to experimenting with a few recipes for these. If you have any good mulberry recipes and don’t mind sharing them that would be great. I’m hoping they will make a nice jam.

IMG_5581 mulberry tree

Have a great weekend!
T x


10 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Thank you for joining Five On Friday! Five very good things here, how great to make your own ice cream, I wonder too if yours was a lighter colour because it just had all natural ingredients and no colouring? I love the dress fabric and the finished dress you made your daughter, that really is fab! I hope that you are having a great weekend! xx

  2. Christmas decorations?? AAahhhh….I can’t even think about that. It is still very hot here and we haven’t even begun the new school year. I won’t start thinking about Xmas for at least 2 more weeks!! Ha, ha! 🙂

  3. Good to hear you have a full tank to keep you going. How annoying to run out of wool with only a couple of stitches to go! Lovely to see the red and white. Have a good week. 🙂

  4. B’s dress looks great, the ruffle at the bottom finishes it off nicely. Love the red and white decorations, how annoying to run out of the white one! Hope you’re having a fab weekend xx

  5. The strawberry ice cream might look very pink or red but it looks very creamy and delicious. It’s quickly turning to autumn here and getting a little bit colder. Wish we’ve got your spring weather instead! The crochet decorations are looking nice. I think they’ll make a lovely Christmas garland.

  6. So strange to see you writing about the approaching spring, when we are looking at fall….never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful red and white dress, hope you are going to wear it to something really special.

  7. Now the best recipe I’ve ever heard for mulberries was sitting under the tree with a bowl of thick cream for them to fall in to! Have fun with that one! How frustrating to run out of yarn for your star, I have some sparkly white yarn for some crochet snowflakes which I hope to start soon! x

  8. I love all your wonderful red & white things! First of all those strawberries and vanilla ice cream (and the strawberry ice cream) Oh YUM!!!! And your sewing and crochet projects are wonderful. Loved seeing the mulberries on the bush as well. You don’t see them often.

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