Five on Friday

Hello again. Joining in with Amy from Love Made my Home for another Five on Friday. This week, its catch up time. Yes I have not blogged for…I don’t know, about a month now! Been seriously busy with back to back visitors in the holidays then the most hectic back to school experience ever, with multiple sports days, grandparents day, my birthday, music eisteddfods and my daughter’s birthday this weekend.

My crochet projects have fallen by the wayside lately, but I am hoping to catch up on some this weekend. I am in the middle of making a basket using some bargain chunky yarn on special from Lincraft. I really liked the bright yellow, and have mixed it with white for a speckled look. I am crocheting two yarns together for a studier basket, although its still a bit floppy for my liking. Maybe I made it too big, but anyway, it will be used to store my yarn overflow.

chunky crochet basket

For my birthday we had a lovely lunch at Noosa and watched dolphins swim along the shore while sipping wine. The weather was dodgy but Noosa is always beautiful no matter what. I was spoiled this year when my hubby surprised me by giving me a stand up paddle board!! I have never done this in my life, but wanted to have a go. Now I have no excuse. On sunday I took the board out for the first time down at cotton tree, a calm inlet popular with stand up paddle boarders. I have no pictures to show you as I was by myself, and my wobbly beginner antics weren’t up to coordinating selfies as well. Anyway, I remained dry the whole time and did manage to master standing up and paddling quite a way. I even did a turn!! Below is a selfie of me at Noosa beach after our lovely lunch, very rare to see the beach this empty. There were still a few crazies braving the cool temps and heading out for a swim.

noosa selfie

mum's birthdayMy friend made me this lovely chocolate cake for my birthday. She even made it gluten free so hubby wouldn’t miss out. So sweet of her.

I was treated to another lunch again today. Hubby and I snuck off to picturesque Montville and had lunch at The Edge. It was a gorgeous sunny day, a nice comfortable 23 degrees and we enjoyed spectacular views down to the coast.

hinterland views from montville 20150731_130431

I had to laugh at this sign outside the pub for ‘husband’s creche’, classic!

funny pub sign

I treated myself to some new tea towels the other day. Now I know tea towels are not the most exciting thing, but look how cute these ones are from Bed Bath and Table, couldn’t resist!

tea towels

We have a sick guinea pig at the moment 😦 I went to clean the hutch out the other day and found Fluffy struggling to move and dragging her back legs. She looked awful so I took her to the vet expecting the worst. The vet wasn’t too hopeful at first and suggested an x-ray but if her leg was broken they probably couldn’t do anything. Anyway, her leg was intact but swollen, so maybe she got it caught somehow and had tugged it too hard to break free. We have to take her for daily anti-inflammatory injections for three days and hopefully she will recover. We are keeping her in a laundry tub for now. Its cost us 230 dollars in vet bills so far!! We are crazy but I am such a sucker for a cute furry face.

grey guinea pig

Thats my five for this week. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Do pay a visit to the other bloggers joining in.


15 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Happy belated birthday! I hope things are calmer for you now 🙂 The paddleboard sounds amazing, enjoy! I like the crocheted bowl, the yellow and white work well together. And I hope poor fluffy gets better soon.

  2. Hi there…good to see you back online in bloggerville! Happy birthday, and hope you have enjoyed your company and good times. I have never tried to crochet a bowl. Interesting.

  3. Happy belated birthday.. I have read back on your blog and I am so envious! We have visited Australia twice in the last six years and loved it. Melbourne was my favourite city; we stopped at some beautiful beaches and places along the Great Ocean Road.. how I would have loved your new life in the country when my children were young.. these days we visit a sea side town as and when we want and love it here in Essex UK I may be a grandma but my heart is still young.

  4. So good to hear from you with such great things! Well, apart from Fluffy, who I hope will be much better soon! Happy Birthday, glad that you had such a great time and got to go and try out your paddleboard too! Sounds fun! Thank you so much as always for joining in. Remember there will be no fiving in August, but back in September! Hope that you have a great weekend and a great August too! xx

  5. Happy birthday! I would have treated myself to new tea towels, too. I am into practical things for my birthday presents -especially when I am buying them myself! I hope your pet is on the mend soon. Sounds like a painful injury she had! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Teresa, I am a new visitor to your blog. I have recently joined Amy’s Five on Friday but not managed to visit and comment on many blogs until now. Happy Belated Birthday wishes! You do look to be “Living the Life”, how super for you. How brave useing a paddle board on your own. Love the notice for the crèche for husbands – my hubbie can’t understand why there aren’t more of them, after all do the shops want us ladies to be able to shop? Poor Fluffy, hope she is on the mend now. Have a wonderful weekend. Barbara

  7. How lovely to see you! Happy Belated Birthday, it looks as if you had a special time. I hope Fluffy recovers soon – pets are members of the family but the vet bills are so expensive. x

  8. I love the basket you are crocheting. It looks like you had a fun weekend; happy belated birthday wishes. I do hope your little furry friend gets better soon. He is so cute. My best to your for a wonderful weekend.

  9. Love the crocheted basket. What a lovely birthday! I can’t believe you tried a paddle board! But you are still young. 🙂 I bet you’ll be great at it in no time! You have a lovely family. Loved the “Hubby Creche” sign…we saw a similar one in a tourist spot here. Cute idea!

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