Five on Friday

Its that time again, ending the week with five on friday, linking in with Amy from Love made my home. This time, five happies from my week.

1. Crochet coasters

I made these coasters using this free crochet coaster pattern. So easy, I sat making them while watching an episode of Grand Designs. They will go on our bedside tables for our weekend cuppa in bed. No soccer games this weekend, lay in!!

crochet coasters

2. Beachy bunting

I am very proud of my first ever bunting made by my own fair hand. I know I shared this in my spare room makeover post but I thought it deserved another mention. I’m calling it the beachy bunting as it looks very seasidey. It took me 5 hours to make, from cutting the triangles and setting up the sewing machine, to measuring and hanging on the wall, in between making dinner and locking up chooks. Not bad for a newbie sewer. Bunting is a great beginner project.

beachey bunting


beachy bunting3. Churros

My daughter and I went to Eumundi Markets on wednesday and tried the churros. They were sooooo good we went back for seconds. Real chocolate sauce and real cream. No artificial rubbish. The churros were toasted rather than deep fried. Still more calories consumed than I’d like, but worth it!

churros eumundi markets

4. Market purchases

A new scented candle from the amazing crackling candle company. Triple scented and with a wooden wick, these are unique and great quality. My favourite scents are coconut lime and french pear. When lit, you can hear the wick crackling while burning, like a mini open fire effect. I also bought some more cushions from plump homewares, I have serious cushion addiction!

IMG_5497 scented candle and cushions

5. Lemon butter chicken

You have to try this recipe from damndelicious, so easy to make and absolutely amazing. We had this with mash potato and steamed veggies. I was so impressed it had come out of my kitchen!! I used deboned Chicken thighs rather than the recommended legs and it still turned out great.

lemon butter chicken

It doesn’t look pretty, but tastes amazing. Might have to work on my presentation…

Thats my five for this week. Visit Amy’s blog to see who else is linking up this week. Have a great weekend!


24 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. I think your chicken looks just fine. Much better than I would do that’s for sure. I’m not much on presentation. But, just give me a fork and I’ll dive into that chicken with happiness.

  2. Those churros…they’d be worth a 2nd helping!!! I’d do the same. But, to be honest, I’ve not heard of them being baked…which makes more sense when they’re rich to begin with!!! Yummy.

    Love the nautical theme y’got going there!!!

  3. Your coasters are lovely, I just love making coasters I have them all over the place. The bunting looks really effective you have made a very good job of it, it’s something I haven’t tried yet and knowing my sewing skills perhaps I shouldn’t haha, the chicken looks delicious, have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. Lovely coasters. I like quick and easy projects. And the bunting is great, too. Very beach. Sadly, I never learned to sew and don’t have the patience for it now. Churros — yum, the only time I’ve had them was in Madrid, for breakfast. 🙂 The candle sounds very interesting. Never heard of that company before. Have a lovely weekend. Tammy

  5. Wonderful crocheted coasters! And the bunting and churros…oh my! 🙂 Love the other items you bought too, and the chicken looks absolutely delicious!

  6. Love the coasters, the bunting is adorable, and the lemon chicken looks divine! I would love to have one of two of those churros right now and eat it sitting by a lovely sounding and smelling candle…:) Have a bright and blessed Sunday!

  7. Still in love with that bunting! The coasters are great too. the churros look scrummy, as does the chicken! You’ve made me want to light my scented candles too 🙂 Have a great week!

  8. Oh those candles and cushions are beautiful! I love your bunting and coasters too, such a productive week. Churros are my down fall and we are about to visit Spain – help! Have a great week xx

  9. Very lovely happy things! Well done on your first ever handmade bunting. They look great and the coasters look good too. And those cushion covers– they’re gorgeous! No wonder you’re addicted to them! 🙂 Lemon butter chicken sounds delicious. I wish I can try some really good (not deep fried) churrous. Dipped in cream and chocolate–I’ll be going in for seconds too! Have a great week!

  10. I love your projects – they turned out great! Your bunting does looks so perfect for summer. 😉

    Those churros look beyond amazing…you had me at chocolate sauce too!! Lol

    I have a similar candle by a different company that I love too. Really neat how that wick works.

    And I think your chicken looks and sounds delish!!

  11. Oooh loving the look of all your Friday favourites! congrats on starting sewing – such a fun hobby. Thanks for popping over to my blog and commenting – sorry its taken me a month to get back to you! I basically started the blanket when we met up in Stratford and finished it when blogged – not bad going eh! have now started a ripple pattern blanket – bit of a glutton for punishment I think!!

  12. How great are the eumundi markets, so many artisan products hiding away there. How did I miss the churos when I was there? Love the crochet coasters very cool. Love the lemon chicken I did a dish similar with all my lemons I had, mine didn’t look too crash hot once it was cooked either. It is the taste that counts.

  13. I love posts like these, just crammed full of lovely things. The churros look divine, I just love those, and the chicken looks amazing. I’ve bookmarked the recipe so thank you for that. And your bunting is fabulous, so even and neatly done. I love the nautical theme. x

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