Spare room makeover

As promised, I have finally finished taking pictures of my spare room makeover which I’ve been dying to share with you. It is going to become my craft room, where I will have a place for all my yarn, toy fibre, fabrics, sewing machine, buttons, crochet hooks, knitting needles and little nick knacks that only I appreciate. My little space where I can be creative and make a mess without having to tidy it away before dinner time. I’m so excited!

bedroom pre decorating

Here is the room in its original state when we viewed the house. It adjoins another bedroom separated only by a wobbly wall made of chipboard that didn’t even reach up to the ceiling. We took the wall down and got a handyman in to create a proper wall with built in storage cupboards for each room. The following photos show how it looked after the wall addition, and before I started painting it last week.




The window wall has not been rendered, so it has a bit of a prison cell feel to it with the brick. To make matters worse, its painted dark brown, which closes the room in. The other walls are gyprock. I don’t like the terracotta floor tiles, but they extend all through the ground floor and would be too expensive to change, so I have to work with what I have to try and detract from them and brighten things up. I have removed the curtains and had a roller blind put in instead to allow more light in.


This photo is looking back towards the door, see the new built in cupboards! They made such a difference. And below is the room all painted white! What do you think?

spare room makeover

Painting that brick wall was serious hard work. I had to use a brush to get the paint into each gap between the bricks. It took forever. I still have a long way to go to get the room ready for crafting. The dart board is my son’s and it is staying for now, I quite like playing too, so I am happy to share. I made some bunting to decorate the wall. I used denim from old jeans I cut up and saved, and some nice beige cotton I had already, and some blue striped fabric I picked up from Lincraft in the sale at next to nothing. Another blogger mentioned adding some red fabric in, which I did and it made all the difference.

bunting fabric

I am pretty hopeless at sewing and had to re-learn how to use the sewing machine again, but even I could manage to make bunting. I was really impressed with myself. Plus, its such a thrifty way to decorate a room.

beachy bunting

I’m really happy with how its all looking, and we actually spend time in there now. Before it was dark and dingy, and a bit of a junk magnet. Now its bright and cheery and being used. I can’t wait to get my craft stuff in there. It will double up as a guest room so I will have to keep it tidy. That might be the next challenge.

spare room makeover

Have a great week, hope the sun shines!



11 thoughts on “Spare room makeover

  1. Ooh, a room of your own, I’m SO envious, it’s absolutely lovely. You’ve transformed it with the white walls and the roller blind. I love the dartboard on the wall, you’ll have lots of visitors I think! Beautiful job. CJ xx

  2. Wow, the white really makes a difference. The makeover is a great success. And how very wonderful to have your own craft space, enjoy!

  3. Fabulous!!!! Painting brick or block walls is so hard isn’t it!! You did a fantastic job of it though. Your bunting is great, I love the idea of using jeans, that is brilliant!!!! I have just realised that I am staring at two of hubby’s old shirts that I am wondering what to do with – bunting might be just the answer! Thank you for the inspiration!! Hope that you love your new craft room!!! Your new cushions look great in there! xx

  4. Painting the room white has really opened it up! I am about to paint my studio (an outbuilding at the end of the garden) ……. but first I have to pack everything up to be stored in the garage. Perhaps I should take the opportunity to have a serious declutter!

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