We have eggs!

Finally, we have our first eggs from our chooks. They have certainly taken their time. Eight weeks from when we got them, at ‘point of lay’.  I was worried I was doing something wrong and started trying to find answers on blogs for why our girls were not laying eggs. Most responses were to be patient, and check all the obvious things like food, water and shelter, which were all good.

Bruce the hen

‘Bruce’ the hen in the nesting box. I have explained how all our chooks are girls, but The kids insist on Bruce, so Bruce it is.



I am very proud of our first egg, pictured here. Sorry about the blurry pic, it looked alright when I uploaded it!

free range egg

I had it for breakfast, just look at that lovely orange yolk. We are getting two a day now, so things are definitely looking up.

egg for breakfast

Our chooks enjoy roaming around the paddock during the daytime, and run up to me whenever I go down to their coop, as I usually have some kitchen scraps for them.

free range chickens

My little one has got quite brave and picks them up now, as they have also got used to us and become very friendly. I was talking to a friend of mine over coffee the other day and she was saying how her daughter is desperate for a pet and what they should consider getting. I suggested chickens. Not only are they useful for keeping the weeds down and eating insects, but you get the eggs too, and they are an outdoor pet, so no mess in the house. She thought it was a great idea and went off happily to her backyard to work out where to put the coop.

IMG_5310 chickens

I am looking forward to getting a regular egg supply now. Soon we will be inundated, as we have 14 chooks! I will have to start looking for some good egg recipes.
T x


6 thoughts on “We have eggs!

  1. I’m very envious! They’re lovely, they look in fantastic condition and how brilliant that they’ve started to lay. I saw some chickens for sale yesterday, and a fantastic big henhouse. One day… CJ xx

    • They are bush lemons! Quite large with rough thick skin and lots of pips. I tried cooking a lemon slice with them but it was way too bitter so I need to adapt the recipe a bit. They are quite good for making lemon jam and preserving so I will give that a go.

  2. That’s going to be a lot of eggs you have with 14 chooks, still, there’s so much you can do with eggs, I’m sure none will go to waste. I’d love to keep chickens but now just isn’t the right time for us, perhaps one day. Your new puppy is absolutely gorgeous, such a cutie.

  3. I’m glad they’re laying for you now! I have an egg for brekkie most mornings, poached in the microwave, yum. Oo you could make some lovely homemade ice cream with any surplus eggs 🙂 xx

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