A new arrival

Things have been busy around here. We have a new addition to our household. A chocolate labrador puppy, named Kess. We had a rough first night with her, but since then she has been very good, apart from the nipping and chewing everything in sight.

chocolate labrador puppy

We took her to the beach for the first time last weekend, but she wasn’t sure what to make of the water.

puppy at the beach

My daughter loves her and is very good with her and patient. I think they will become best friends.

dog walking

Here she is, exhausted from her beach trip, pushing up a few zeds. Does that look comfy to you?

puppy sleeping

Last weekend it was Mothers Day here in Australia. I had breakfast in bed brought in by my son sporting a silly face. The eggs were fresh from the neighbours chooks, so yum.

breakfast in bed, mothers day

One of my Mothers day gifts was this gorgeous cake stand. Of course I had to bake a cake to put on it.

cake stand

I baked a gluten free sticky date pudding, more like a cake in looks, but served warm with hot butterscotch sauce and cream is definitely a winner. You can find the recipe here.

gluten free sticky date pudding

We are lucky to have inherited a mandarin tree with our new house. Lovely sweet mandarins from a tree so laden with fruit its bending over.

mandarins, home grown

And finally, I have decided to start a granny stripe blanket to reduce my yarn stash. Its gone quite cool here as we head into winter. Well, cool in the morning and evening, but lovely in the daytime. I don’t suspect for one minute that it will be done in time for this winter. I reckon, going on my current crochet speed, it will take me a year. I thought about starting a granny square blanket instead, but the thought of stitching all those squares together put me off. I will keep you posted on my progress. Its the biggest project I have ever tackled so wish me luck!

yarn balls

Have a lovely weekend.
T x


8 thoughts on “A new arrival

  1. What an adorable puppy! And yes, they do tend to sleep in the strangest positions, don’t they? You are so lucky to have a mandarin tree. Living in Canada, I can only dream of such a thing. 🙂

  2. Mmm, those eggs look delicious. A really lovely cake stand as well. The puppy is gorgeous, I’m smiling at his funny sleeping position. I hope you have a good weekend too. CJ xx

  3. Oh what a cute pup! Very funny sleeping position 🙂
    Good call to make a granny stripe. Less ends to darn in if you do a long foundation chain and do your stripes along the long side rather the short side of the rectangle! xx

  4. Your new puppy is completely and utterly gorgeous! And I can imagine she is a handful too, but all puppies are from what I can gather. I’m so jealous of that mandarin tree, I love mandarins. x

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