A goal and a half

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post, and welcome to the new followers here, lovely to meet you. I am always amazed and happy that anyone would be to remotest bit interested in reading my ramblings on here, its so nice of you all to visit and leave such nice messages. Thank you. Now for an update, I have actually managed to compete one of my goals for the month – climb a mountain! A slightly moderate one, due to taking the three little people with me, but a mountain nevertheless. Mount Coolum.

Mount Coolum

It was hard to get a decent photo of the approach, but i do like these dramatic cliffs

It was a perfect day for the trek, a little bit breezy, which was good to keep us cool, and beautiful and sunny but not too hot, a nice pleasant 25 degrees.

Summit mount coolum

Here I am with little one at the top. We went at a reasonable pace, stopping on the way to admire the amazing views. We got up there in under 30 minutes. The views at the top are fantastic and you can see for miles, up and down the coast and out to the hinterland.

summit view mount coolum

We treated ourselves to some ice creams afterwards (part of the bribe to get the girls enthused about the climb) and had a bit of a wander at Coolum Beach to stretch out the jelly legs. Back home I felt I deserved a sit down with a cuppa and some crochet. That brings me to my next goal, to finish the dishcloth gift set for my mother in law. I have started a spotty one this time.

tapestry crochet spotty dishcloth

Its going quite well, although I think I have made it too wide and I have too much white space either side of the dots. I will keep going though, rather than unravel and start again. Tapestry crochet is getting pretty addictive, there are so many designs to play with and colour combos. last night we all nestled on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn to watch black beauty, the 1994 version, with a very young David Thewlis, and Sean Bean (yum!). I cried at the end, typical me. Much to the amusement of my son.

I hope your week is going well! T x


7 thoughts on “A goal and a half

  1. Oh wow that climb looks amazing! Beautiful views, gosh you certainly deserved an Ice cream after that. The spotty dishcloth is lovely but I’m still hopefully she won’t use them but frame them instead! Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Oooh well done on climbing on a mountain – I got to the foot of Mount Snowdon in Wales last summer and that was far enough for me! Love you dishcloth – thanks for popping over to me from the Great Blog Meet Up.

  3. Well done for climbing that mountain, it looks pretty high to me. I really like the spotty dishcloth. I’ve never tried tapestry crochet, I’d like to give it a go some day.

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