Five on Friday

Joining in with Amy from Love Made My Home, my five on friday this week is five goals for the month.

Finish handmade dishcloth gift

I am making a set of three crochet dishcloths for my mother in law who is coming to visit from the UK at the end of the month. I thought it would be nice to give her a handmade gift that will be easy to pack and transport back to England. I bought some 8ply cotton recently to build up my supply of pretty bright colours.

cotton yarn colours and a crochet heart

I finally mastered a harlequin tapestry crochet pattern!

harlequin crochet dishcloth

I will need to make the third cloth to complete the set and I’m not sure whether to do spots or zig zags. I’m really enjoying this technique, but it did take several tries before I got it. I will add in a crochet scented heart pouch and some hand cream. Hopefully she’ll like it.

crochet dishcloths

Make a Pinata

We recently went to a 6 year old birthday party that was just so perfect. Perfect because it was a simple, no fuss affair. They set up a slip n slide out in the back yard for the kids to whizz down which was great fun. Then the kids played in the pool, then jumped out for a game of pass the parcel, followed by a homemade penguin cake, and then a whack of the piñata they had made themselves in the shape of a pig. My little one said it was the best day ever. She wants a piñata in the shape of a soccer ball for her party in a couple of weeks. I was relieved she didn’t come up with something more elaborate. I think I can manage that. This will also keep the kids entertained as a school holiday activity.

Climb a mountain

Its cooled down a bit this week, and as we still have a week of school holidays I have warned the kids that we’re going to climb a mountain. I’ve had a mixed response from them, but I know once we’re out there they will have a good time. There are a few to choose from and I hope to do them all eventually.

glasshouse mountains

view from Mary Cairncross scenic reserve

mount coolum in distance

Do something for myself

I’m a bit bad at this, as most mothers are. I think its because we focus on the family so much it feels strange to remove yourself from that environment and take some me-time. We’re not used to it. Yes I do my crochet and things I enjoy, but usually when I’m waiting at soccer training or outside school, or while watching a movie with the kids before bed. Squeezing it in when I can. I should do something relaxing and special. A manicure maybe or a facial would be nice. I did buy myself a sweet little pineapple doorstop the other day, 7 bucks from k-mart! It makes me smile when I prop open the door every day.

pineapple doorstop

See the sunrise at the beach

We are lucky to be close to many beautiful beaches on the sunshine coast. I am up early everyday at dawn, but never made it to the beach. Its lovely here first thing in the morning especially when the mist sinks low over the fields, its really pretty. The beach is magical too and I have this urge to see it in the morning when there are few people around.

mooloola river

Early morning at the river, Mooloolaba

Maybe you have some goals for the month. This is the first time I’ve written them down, and somehow it makes them seem more real. Like they are set in stone, so I must do them.

Thanks to Amy for organising the five on friday link up. Please go and visit the other blogs joining in this week.


21 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Hello from southern California. I loved seeing your pictures and reading your blog. The dishcloths you made are so pretty. It looks like you live in a beautiful area. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the door stop very pretty! The dishcloths are far too pretty to use, I hope she frames them! That beach is beautiful, I would try to make the most of it before too many people were around too! Have a lovely weekend x

  3. It is nice to have some goals written down for ourselves. I find I am more likely to achieve when I have noted it down somewhere. I like children’s parties like the one you describe best of all. We always have simple kids parties at home, no pool unfortunately, this being the West of Scotland. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Definitely five fab things!! I love love love the doorstop!!!!!! I am so glad that you treated yourself, because then (selfishly!!) I got to see it too!! The crochet you have been working on is fabulous, how great that you have that harlequin technique down so well. Your MIL will love them, such a wonderful gift!!!! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have/are having a great weekend! xx

  5. I’ve made many dishcloths but have never tackled that particular pattern…looks a bit tough! Fun to read your Five on Friday….great to have goals and accomplish them!

  6. Wonderful to meet you via Amy. Your crocheted dishcloths and sachet are lovely. The Harlequin pattern looks very difficult. I remember attending a birthday party when I was young and I was chosen to swing the bat at the piñata. Best wishes making the soccer ball piñata for your daughter. You have many pretty places to walk and I hope you all will enjoy your hike. The pineapple doorstop is very unique and is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Have a great weekend.

  7. I think it’s a good idea to write goals down, it makes them seem a bit more real! That pineapple is fun, I’m not surprised it’s been hijacked by the kids!! xx

  8. When I was a tiny tot I used to call Tibrogargan “Gorilla Rock”. I climbed Mount Tibrogargan when I was 15, and it really was a climb not a walk. My legs were like jelly when I got back down off the mountain. It was a terrific experience though, sitting on the top of the mountain watching the traffic on the Bruce Highway far below. I hope you enjoy your climb, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to which mountain to choose.

  9. Like the dishcloths and the pretty yarns! How pleased your mother in law will be with this nice idea.

  10. Hi Teresa, what a good idea to have goals for the month – I often write daily lists, but they are very mundane, this is more aspirational. I love it. And I love your dishcloths, it’s a lovely idea for a gift. Hope you have had a good weekend. x

  11. Your dishcloths are so pretty! I love these little things that make the daily chores a bit more fun. Great shots of your area … I hope you do get to spend some time on yourself, but I know how difficult it is to actually take it! I made a pinata once for my kids, but made it too thick and no one could bust it apart! I think we ended up slitting an opening with a knife to get it started. Enjoy your week!

  12. Love that doorstop. Perfectly tropical. It gives me hope that summer will eventually arrive in these parts. Good luck with completing your dishcloths. I must say, I really love that diamond patterned one. I’ve never tried a pattern like that. Maybe soon….

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