Sunday crafter noon: Dreamcatcher

On sunday we woke up to a slight freshness in the air. The intense heat of March was broken at last and we had the most perfect weather. Blue skies dotted with clouds, low humidity and a perfect 27 degrees. We lay in bed with a cuppa and watched two wallabies hop about the top paddock from our window. We have only ever seen one by itself, this was the first time we had seen two. Very exciting. They grazed for a little while before hopping over the hill and out of sight.


I managed to quickly get a picture of one of them before he disappeared into the woods.

The kids were happy to amuse themselves outside with soccer balls and the slip and slide, hubby was out and about building a bonfire of dead lantana, and B decided to make a dreamcatcher with some supplies we bought on saturday. She did it all by herself, only asking me for help with threading the needle and starting her off with the centre web part.

embroidery hoop with yarn wrapped around

We used the inside section of an embroidery hoop. She chose some yarn from my stash and wrapped it all around the edge, securing the end with a peg.

making a dreamcatcher

B then found some embroidery thread to make the web part, weaving around and around. she had to keep re-attaching thread using a knot to tie the ends together. Next time we will work with the entire thread without cutting it into sections for a neater result.

dreamcatcher half finished

Once the centre was finished, she found a turtle charm to add to the middle. Then she added sequins for decoration.

dreamcatcher with sequin decoration

She collected together some beads and feathers and threaded these to some embroidery thread in a pretty turquoise colour to make the decorative dangly parts (there is probably a proper name for these).

dreamcatcher embellishments

Dangly parts were attached, then another length of yarn attached to the top to hang. I was very impressed with her efforts on this. Not bad for a 9 year old.


While she busied herself with the dreamcatcher, I got a few jobs done, giving the fridge a long overdue clean, and baking gluten free banana bread with the bananas our neighbour had left for us last week.

banana bread

oops, a bit blurry, sorry. Tastes delicious though.


I even had time to put my feet up and enjoy a slice with a cuppa and a spot of crochet.

banana bread, tea and crochet

Looking forward to the easter long weekend and hopefully some more crafting. Do you have any projects lined up for the holidays? I would recommend making a dreamcatcher as a great easy and low cost activity to keep the kids amused during school holidays 🙂
T x




9 thoughts on “Sunday crafter noon: Dreamcatcher

  1. The dreamcatcher is brilliant, she’s obviously a very talented crafter. We made some a while ago, they’re a great little project aren’t they. I’m really hoping the weather cheers up and we can do some outside things during the holidays. CJ xx

  2. Not only do you have amazing fruit trees In your garden but wallabies too…..all sounds pretty wonderful!
    What’s brilliant dreamcatcher, well done to your girl. 🙂
    Wishing you a lovely Easter!
    V x

  3. Wow, that’s fabulous. That’s one talented nine year old you have there. How wonderful to be able to look out of your window and see wallabies. Have a wonderful Easter weekend, we’re decorating during the holidays but I’m hoping we can get out and about a bit too.

  4. Your daughter did very well with her dream-catcher – it’s great! My 15 year-old daughter still has the one she made when she was younger. I’m hoping to finish the blanket I’m crocheting for my son before his first year at university comes to an end (it was supposed to be a starting present!). It must be amazing to see wallabies out of your windows!
    Cathy x

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