Five on Friday – country life update

Hello there, joining in with Amy from Love Made My Home for five on friday, this time I thought I’d give 5 snippets from my week.

Fresh produce
I came home yesterday to a this box of fresh fruit on my doorstep. My neighbour had stopped by while we were out and left us some surplus produce from his place. There were bananas, passion fruit and limes all from his trees. The passionfruit have filled my kitchen with the most beautiful scent, they smell delicious.

fruit box from neighbour

Our very own chooks
On tuesday we went out and finally got our chooks! So exciting. It was a bit of a debacle as we had to catch them, and we wanted 14! Thank goodness I took my hubby with me. I was hopeless and only managed to catch one, while he got the rest. He has a broken nail and scratches up his arms as a result. I ended up falling over and landing on my backside in the chook poo. I’m sure the chook lady had a good laugh at us city-folk turned wanna-be farmers trying to catch these hens. They are a couple of weeks off laying yet, but when they do we certainly won’t go short for a while.

chooks in the coop

The kids are loving the chooks and after school they run down to the coop to see what they’re up to. We have to keep them in for a week or so before we can let them out to free range. They seem to be happy though scratching and pecking about, and making little hollows to wallow about in.

brown and black chooks

We have quite a bit of our own produce growing at our place. I had a little walk around to inspect what was happening and was surprised to see the sweetcorn doing well, despite zero attention from me. It has been so hot here, the hottest march for 60 years they say, and very little rain since the cyclone last month.

sweetcorn growing

The lime tree is bursting with fruit and the limes are full of juice, I have been using them in salad dressings and adding fresh coriander to my salads and the flavour is wonderful.

lime tree

We also have a papaya tree and the papayas are huge! Unfortunately none of us like them, but my neighbour does so it will be our turn to leave him a gift at the door soon.

papaya fruit on tree

We have a tiny mandarin tree that is also bursting with fruit, just look at these! I love mandarins and can’t wait for these beauties to be ready. Won’t be long now.

mandarin tree

I finally finished off the babushka doll. It didn’t take long in the end, I just had to get motivated and find a quick half an hour to get the sewing-up done, then added the flowers, hair and face.

crochet babushka doll

I decided to add a white bow for her scarf, but I am now thinking I should add a white trim around the base of the scarf too, to tie it all in. What do you think?

crochet babushka side view

I purchased the pattern online here. I made the larger version to the one pictured on the pattern link.

Time out
I felt really washed out yesterday and ended up enjoying some time out with a cuppa, some chocolate and my magazine stash. I love leafing through magazines and can’t bare to throw any of them out, no matter how old they are. I really like Home Beautiful and I bring these out again and again and just flick through, re-reading some of the stories, and getting inspiration for my own home.

magazines tea and chocolate

Most of the products and homes displayed in these mags are way out of my budget. Many of the home owners featured are displaying their second home, or ‘weekender’ which is renovated to perfection with high-end finishes and endless marble bench tops. I sit there imagining what their lives are like, walking through their amazing house and stepping onto their deck overlooking the sparkling water somewhere on Sydney’s northern beaches. Jealous? Me? Actually no, we have made our own paradise here overlooking the peaceful countryside, with our chooks and our fruit trees and the frequent wildlife visitors.

our piece of paradise, acreage land

6am early monday morning shot over the side paddock, still a bit misty and very dewy

Happy days 🙂
Thanks to Amy for organising this blog link up. If you would like to join in next time please click the image below which will take you to Amy’s blog where you can find out more.
Have a lovely weekend 🙂 T x


19 thoughts on “Five on Friday – country life update

  1. I loved looking at your photos, I can almost feel the heat. Your produce looks amazing and how lovely to share with your neighbours. Your little babushka doll is adorable….I love all the little details and her plumpness.
    Jacquie x

  2. Oh wow! fancy your neighbour leaving you all those goodies. Your adventures with the chooks made me laugh because that is the sort of thing that happens to me. The limes look lush, they are so versatile. I love your doll she has a lovely face. Your paddock does look like paradise x

  3. Just so many wonderful things!! I cannot imagine how great it is to be able to grow your own limes and mandarins and papayas – even if you don’t like them! It is good that you can trade things with your neighbour, nice of them to leave you a package!! I love your babushka, she is darling! Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  4. What a lovely neighbour to drop off some fruit for you. Your veggies and lime tree look amazing. We are just coming out of winter and still waiting for some spring weather to get working in the garden. I’m visiting from 5 on Friday, where I’ve joined for the first time this week.

  5. Gorgeous citrus, especially the limes, and I’m a big fan of passionfruit too. How lovely to see your chickens, I shall look forward to seeing how they get on. They’re on my wish list, so I’ll be picking up tips! Your home looks absolutely wonderful; as you say, you have your own piece of paradise and it is beautiful. Have a good weekend. CJ xx

  6. I’m a bit jealous of your fruit trees. I love papaya and miss them so much. Wish I live next to you! Your crocheted babushka doll is so sweet. And those chickens! You’ll be well supplied with fresh eggs soon. Have a great weekend!

  7. Good neighbours can be such a blessing and add so much good into one’s life. I have so much to be grateful for in that department. You were doing well to catch one chook, I don’t think I would have been able to manage that. It is really hot here too, hoping for temps under 30 deg this week.

  8. I love your five things, you live a beautiful place what a great view, how nice to have your own grown produce and have a neighbour drop off such lovely treats, I would love to have some chooks but it’s not allowed where I live such a shame, your doll is really cute and looks good just the ways she is,. 🙂

  9. Awwww the chickens are great! I remember how hard it is to catch them – we had to do it at school in science lessons! Those limes look so lush, all the produce sounds wonderful. Loving the baboushka doll she’s adorable!

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