A sad day

long haired guinea pigIt was a sad day today. Two dogs found their way onto our property and attacked our guinea pigs. Poor Coco died. The other three survived thanks to the carpenter who was working downstairs and heard the commotion and chased the dogs away. I am keeping my gate shut now. We had a little ceremony and buried her with a carrot and some flowers from the garden. Farewell Coco xx




12 thoughts on “A sad day

  1. That is very sad, and unsettling to think of those dogs being allowed off their own property. It’s very upsetting for your children. My niece also lost her guinea pig Coco last year. But her Coco was an escape artist. My niece was very upset at the time.

  2. Oh that’s awful, poor little Coco. We’re guinea pig people and I know I’d be very upset if something like that happened. These little piggies do find their ways into our hearts. CJ xx

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, what a terrible thing to happen. Our pets do worm their way in to our hearts and become a part of the family so it’s always upsetting when anything happens to them, but this is just awful. Irresponsible dog owners are to blame for such things, and as responsible owners, we feel the repercussions. I hope the other piggies have now got over their ordeal.

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