Sunday crafter noon: Dreamcatcher

On sunday we woke up to a slight freshness in the air. The intense heat of March was broken at last and we had the most perfect weather. Blue skies dotted with clouds, low humidity and a perfect 27 degrees. We lay in bed with a cuppa and watched two wallabies hop about the top paddock from our window. We have only ever seen one by itself, this was the first time we had seen two. Very exciting. They grazed for a little while before hopping over the hill and out of sight.


I managed to quickly get a picture of one of them before he disappeared into the woods.

The kids were happy to amuse themselves outside with soccer balls and the slip and slide, hubby was out and about building a bonfire of dead lantana, and B decided to make a dreamcatcher with some supplies we bought on saturday. She did it all by herself, only asking me for help with threading the needle and starting her off with the centre web part.

embroidery hoop with yarn wrapped around

We used the inside section of an embroidery hoop. She chose some yarn from my stash and wrapped it all around the edge, securing the end with a peg.

making a dreamcatcher

B then found some embroidery thread to make the web part, weaving around and around. she had to keep re-attaching thread using a knot to tie the ends together. Next time we will work with the entire thread without cutting it into sections for a neater result.

dreamcatcher half finished

Once the centre was finished, she found a turtle charm to add to the middle. Then she added sequins for decoration.

dreamcatcher with sequin decoration

She collected together some beads and feathers and threaded these to some embroidery thread in a pretty turquoise colour to make the decorative dangly parts (there is probably a proper name for these).

dreamcatcher embellishments

Dangly parts were attached, then another length of yarn attached to the top to hang. I was very impressed with her efforts on this. Not bad for a 9 year old.


While she busied herself with the dreamcatcher, I got a few jobs done, giving the fridge a long overdue clean, and baking gluten free banana bread with the bananas our neighbour had left for us last week.

banana bread

oops, a bit blurry, sorry. Tastes delicious though.


I even had time to put my feet up and enjoy a slice with a cuppa and a spot of crochet.

banana bread, tea and crochet

Looking forward to the easter long weekend and hopefully some more crafting. Do you have any projects lined up for the holidays? I would recommend making a dreamcatcher as a great easy and low cost activity to keep the kids amused during school holidays 🙂
T x




Five on Friday – country life update

Hello there, joining in with Amy from Love Made My Home for five on friday, this time I thought I’d give 5 snippets from my week.

Fresh produce
I came home yesterday to a this box of fresh fruit on my doorstep. My neighbour had stopped by while we were out and left us some surplus produce from his place. There were bananas, passion fruit and limes all from his trees. The passionfruit have filled my kitchen with the most beautiful scent, they smell delicious.

fruit box from neighbour

Our very own chooks
On tuesday we went out and finally got our chooks! So exciting. It was a bit of a debacle as we had to catch them, and we wanted 14! Thank goodness I took my hubby with me. I was hopeless and only managed to catch one, while he got the rest. He has a broken nail and scratches up his arms as a result. I ended up falling over and landing on my backside in the chook poo. I’m sure the chook lady had a good laugh at us city-folk turned wanna-be farmers trying to catch these hens. They are a couple of weeks off laying yet, but when they do we certainly won’t go short for a while.

chooks in the coop

The kids are loving the chooks and after school they run down to the coop to see what they’re up to. We have to keep them in for a week or so before we can let them out to free range. They seem to be happy though scratching and pecking about, and making little hollows to wallow about in.

brown and black chooks

We have quite a bit of our own produce growing at our place. I had a little walk around to inspect what was happening and was surprised to see the sweetcorn doing well, despite zero attention from me. It has been so hot here, the hottest march for 60 years they say, and very little rain since the cyclone last month.

sweetcorn growing

The lime tree is bursting with fruit and the limes are full of juice, I have been using them in salad dressings and adding fresh coriander to my salads and the flavour is wonderful.

lime tree

We also have a papaya tree and the papayas are huge! Unfortunately none of us like them, but my neighbour does so it will be our turn to leave him a gift at the door soon.

papaya fruit on tree

We have a tiny mandarin tree that is also bursting with fruit, just look at these! I love mandarins and can’t wait for these beauties to be ready. Won’t be long now.

mandarin tree

I finally finished off the babushka doll. It didn’t take long in the end, I just had to get motivated and find a quick half an hour to get the sewing-up done, then added the flowers, hair and face.

crochet babushka doll

I decided to add a white bow for her scarf, but I am now thinking I should add a white trim around the base of the scarf too, to tie it all in. What do you think?

crochet babushka side view

I purchased the pattern online here. I made the larger version to the one pictured on the pattern link.

Time out
I felt really washed out yesterday and ended up enjoying some time out with a cuppa, some chocolate and my magazine stash. I love leafing through magazines and can’t bare to throw any of them out, no matter how old they are. I really like Home Beautiful and I bring these out again and again and just flick through, re-reading some of the stories, and getting inspiration for my own home.

magazines tea and chocolate

Most of the products and homes displayed in these mags are way out of my budget. Many of the home owners featured are displaying their second home, or ‘weekender’ which is renovated to perfection with high-end finishes and endless marble bench tops. I sit there imagining what their lives are like, walking through their amazing house and stepping onto their deck overlooking the sparkling water somewhere on Sydney’s northern beaches. Jealous? Me? Actually no, we have made our own paradise here overlooking the peaceful countryside, with our chooks and our fruit trees and the frequent wildlife visitors.

our piece of paradise, acreage land

6am early monday morning shot over the side paddock, still a bit misty and very dewy

Happy days 🙂
Thanks to Amy for organising this blog link up. If you would like to join in next time please click the image below which will take you to Amy’s blog where you can find out more.
Have a lovely weekend 🙂 T x

Dodgy dishcloth

Thankyou for all your wonderful supportive comments on my last post. The dog situation seems to be under control now so our little pets are safe as they can be. We modified the guinea pig hutch by adding some tough chicken wire to add another layer of protection. We have had endless comings and goings of various tradesmen at the house over the past couple of weeks which has disrupted my blog routine, hence I have been a little quiet here lately, but I have managed to do a bit of crochet. I decided to have a go at making some dishcloths. Mine had seen better days and I figured having something bright and cheery in the kitchen would be a good thing, and possibly even motivate me to do the cleaning up.

striped dishcloth

My first foray into tapestry crochet didn’t quite work out. I was trying to make a repeated diamond pattern, and if you squint your eyes and look sideways a bit, it actually looks almost diamond-like. Just not uniform. At all. I just couldn’t work out why I wasn’t getting a neat edge on the pattern. I added a pretty border to finish it off and make it a little bigger as it had turned out smaller than I expected. What do you think?

tapestry crochet dishcloth

I guess after all, its a dishcloth, so however it turns out, at the end of the day it wipes the dishes and surfaces so it doesn’t matter. Its a good safe project for experimenting on new crochet stitches. The pink shell edging was a new one for me and very easy, just one double crochet, then miss 2 stitches and do five five treble crochet stitches in the third stitch, miss 2 and double crochet to finish the arch. Repeat. I have since looked up how to do tapestry crochet properly using the tutorial Julie wrote out on her blog little woollie. I really should have gone here first. Julie is the queen of tapestry washcloths, her designs are amazing.

crochet dishcloths

I made the second cloth in a simple stripe, with cute bobble edging I learnt from a great tutorial on Heidi bear’s blog.

crochet bobble edging

Not bad for a first attempt, need to work on my spacing though

For the tapestry crochet cloth I used 8 ply cotton and 3mm hook. For the striped cloth I used the same cotton and 4mm hook and just worked in double crochet (single US) changing colours every fifth row. I love these nice fresh colours. I might make a few more to have in my stash for gifts. I think they would be nice bundled up with a pretty homemade soap and hand cream. The perfect handmade gift.

Have you tried making dishcloths or made anything using tapestry crochet? I’d love to hear about your projects.

A sad day

long haired guinea pigIt was a sad day today. Two dogs found their way onto our property and attacked our guinea pigs. Poor Coco died. The other three survived thanks to the carpenter who was working downstairs and heard the commotion and chased the dogs away. I am keeping my gate shut now. We had a little ceremony and buried her with a carrot and some flowers from the garden. Farewell Coco xx