Cheat’s ice cream

I’m not a huge ice cream fan, I’m more of a chocoholic, however my kids and hubby are BIG fans of this frozen dessert from the Gods. Since hubby was diagnosed with coeliac disease a couple of years ago, we found it hard to get good quality ice cream in the shops that was gluten free.

homemade vanilla bean ice cream

Homemade vanilla bean ice cream

Many supermarket ice cream brands use wheat based thickeners and bizarre gum-type substances instead of egg yolk to thicken the ice cream. I guess it must be cheaper for the manufacturers. The one or two brands that were gluten free did not taste good, or added suspect ingredients that we really didn’t fancy digesting. Being a traditional girl, and always up for a challenge, I started making my own ice cream.

stand mixer and ingredients

So, how about the easiest recipe ever for homemade gluten free ice cream! I have made this several times and its always a winner. All you need is a 600ml tub of thickened (double) cream and half a can of sweetened condensed milk, and a little vanilla extract. Whip the cream to soft peaks and stir in the condensed milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract until thoroughly combined. Spoon into a container and place in the freezer. Thats it! So easy. In a few hours your ice cream is ready to eat.

homemade ice cream in a waffle cone

Another recipe I use is more work but makes the best rich and creamy ice cream. This vanilla bean ice cream recipe is to die for and you can find it here. The recipe calls for 8 egg yolks, but I get away with 6 and it works out fine. You also need an ice cream churner for this one, and ideally you have to start it the night before so the custard can cool overnight in the fridge and be ready for churning the following morning. It is worth doing though. I have had rave reviews from guests with this one.

If you have a go with any of these recipes please let me know what you think of them, or any tweaks or additions you make. Always love to hear from you.

T x


8 thoughts on “Cheat’s ice cream

  1. Wow, that recipe does look easy. I will give that a go because my husband loves ice-cream. I used to make the custard based ice-cream, but haven’t made any in ages.

  2. Home made ice-cream is the best isn’t it. I haven’t done it for ages, but your quick and easy recipe looks very tempting. With the second recipe you could probably add plain chocolate to it at the custard stage instead of the vanilla, to make chocolate ice-cream. I have done something similar and it’s delicious. CJ xx

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