Five on Friday

This is my first Five on Friday post, and I am happy to be joining in with Amy from Love Made my Home.

Five January happies 🙂

The freshest eggs ever!
Our neighbours went away for a few days last week and we offered to look after their chooks. We enjoyed fresh free range eggs for brekkie every day which was such a treat. I’m looking forward to getting our own chooks once we’ve sorted out a home for them. The kids were so excited to discover these warm freshly laid eggs in the nesting box.

fresh free range eggs

Spending time at the beach.
Hot January weather has meant lots of beach time jumping the waves, exploring the rock pools and enjoying the fresh salty air. We found a beautiful perfect shell on the rocks undamaged by the waves.


perfect sea shell
Taking five minutes in the afternoon.
We have a lovely view over our neighbour’s dam from our back deck. I love to steal a few minutes in the afternoon to sit here and watch the kingfishers zip down from the trees to snap up the bugs from the lily pads. They are wonderful pretty blue birds, but I haven’t been quick enough to take a decent picture of one yet.

view of the country

Starting a new crochet project.
I love the excitement of a new project. I can’t wait to get into this one, a little babushka doll! So cute. I hope I can manage to get through it though, the pattern looks to be one of the trickiest I’ve tackled yet. I will post updates as I go along.

a crochet circle

Kids spending time outdoors
There are so many other distractions these days. Sometimes its hard to get kids out and about enjoying simple stuff like climbing trees, making mud pies and general rough and tumble. We are not the perfect family, there are iPads, TVs and game consoles in our house and they do tend to go on more than I would like. We have been very slack on the 6 o clock rule during the holidays (i.e. no screen time until 6pm). I have felt guilty as I have torn the kids away from their friends back in Sydney to move 12 hours up the coast, so iPads and the like have been free rein. This will change when they start school, but for now I’m not stressing about it. And when they do go out and about its hell for leather and I love watching them all play together. Happy days.

kids on the tree house

Thanks to Amy from Love Made My Home  for organising the Five on Friday blog groups.
I am joining in Five on Friday, taking five minutes from our day to enjoy five things.  Please go and visit the other people who are also blogging about Five on Friday this week.

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Have a lovely weekend!


14 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I love your five January happies. You live in a beautiful area- the view over your neighbour’s is amazing! And I also love the photo of your kids playing. Hope they keep enjoying the summer. I’ll stay tuned for your crochet updates. Have a nice Friday! Marion

  2. Such great happy things!! I look forward to seeing more of your crochet, it sounds very exciting. Glad that you are settling in after the move, it looks as though the children are very happy playing outside and not worrying about the tech too much! A great way to have fun in the summer that is sure! Thank you for taking part. xx

  3. Lovely happy things. It’s lovely to see the kids playing outside, I’m in a similar situation regards to technology & it always makes me sigh with relief when my son chooses to go outside rather than being forced off something.

  4. How wonderful to see summer in full swing. I’m envying you the fresh eggs, I’d like to keep chickens one day too, but it must be nice to borrow some in the meantime. Wishing you and yours a good weekend.

  5. I was thrown for a second by the playing in the water reference and the lovely green pictures, then I realised you’re in Australia! I popped over to see you from Joanne’s blog and am your newest follower (from the UK) :o) CT

  6. Great job with your Friday thoughts on such a variety of subjects. Love your photos. And fresh eggs taste so different from those purchased in the stores, especially from corn fed hens.

  7. I love all of your Friday happies! There’s something very special about eggs you collect out of the nest yourself. I’m positive they taste better than the ones from the store. 🙂

    It’s nice to be joining your for Five on Friday!

  8. I love your tree house! It is difficult to find a balance with screen time but you are right not to stress about it during the holidays. It seems that your kids enjoy the outdoors more just now with summer in full swing. I wish it was summer here. x

  9. Love your five things, your kids look as if they are having lots of fun, you can’t beat fresh eggs they taste so much better than shop bought, I would love to have my own chicken but it’s not allowed where I live, looking forward to see how your crochet develops. 🙂

  10. Such beautiful pictures! You live in such a gorgeous place it looks like you’re all well and truly settled 🙂 It makes me want to travel to Oz again, we were there last Christmas and it was just wonderful. Fresh eggs truly are wonderful, the yolks are always so tasty! Looking forward to seeing more crochet 🙂

  11. Love your Five on Friday. I live near Chicago so it is hard to imagine a hot January day. Most of our days are below freezing in January. Your pictures are beautiful!

  12. Hi Teresa, welcome to our little Five on Friday group. Love all your happies this week. Beautiful photos of some gorgeous countryside. Been looking to see how I can follow you. Not sure how Google plus works but I’ll keep trying.

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