Storm and an amazing tree

Hello again. I wanted to start by saying thanks to all of you who have commented on my blog. I love the blogging community and how supportive everyone is, its so wonderful. I wish I could figure out how to write a nice tagline as the bottom saying how much I appreciate comments, but can’t seem to fathom it. Anyway, I’m saying it now, I really do enjoy reading all your comments and look forward to every one of them.

Now to the storm. We had a huge downpour with thunder and lightning right above us the night before last. Unfortunately I left the gazebo out and look what happened!

gazebo damaged by storm

Very annoyed I left it out. We only put it up that morning to provide shade for the poor guinea pigs as they were struggling with the heat, as we all were. Good job we’re not planning a camping trip anytime soon. The plus side is we had cooler temps yesterday which was a welcome relief. We went out and about down to Cotton Tree in Marochydore and found this amazing tree (cotton tree??) which provided the most fantastic natural adventure playground. You can’t see from the picture, but the branches hung right over the water. It was right next to a lovely restaurant. I sat watching the fortunate few dining there enjoying lovely cold glasses of wine. Jealous? me?

cotton tree

We went back home and had a nice surprise as my husband finished work early. He tried out his new toy, a brush cutter and did some essential ‘farm jobs’.

clearing out the lantana

clearing out the lantana

Then he took the kids out fishing while I stayed home and cooked roast dinner. A nice change from the endless bbq meat and salads we’ve been having lately. He didn’t catch anything but the kids had a great time catching crabs and throwing them back. We are certainly appreciating being closer to the water here, while still having the country life.

We went to school today to collect various things and sort some admin out ready for next week when they start back. I’m not sure who is more nervous about starting the new school, me or the kids.

I hope your week is going well. T x



5 thoughts on “Storm and an amazing tree

  1. I’ve started clearing out my lantana before it starts to turn green again. It can be really invasive if not controlled. What a fabulous tree for kids to climb! Have a great Wednesday.

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