Crochet-tastic Hearts

There have been a few busy bloggers making hearts as christmas decorations lately. I have a bit of a heart-making obsession, I add them to almost anything I make, I just love them. I have made knitted hearts to add to projects, and since I learned to crochet a few months back, I had a go at making crochet hearts.

crochet heart

So simple to make, you can whip one of these babies up in an hour or so, if you are a fast crochet worker and are good at counting rows and stitches, unlike me. I found the pattern here.

pink crochet heart

crochet heart

I made this flower and heart a few months back and gave them to work friends as gifts. You can add some lavender or other scented petals inside and make them into drawer fresheners. The flower pattern is one of Julie’s at Little woollie.

crochet flower and heart

Now I am a beginner at crochet so there are errors, but adding some decoration can hide any dodgy-ness.

pink purple crochet heart crochet hearts

I’m sharing the heart love so if you want to see more heart making action from other bloggers go to Country living by the Sea and One Crafty Mumma.

crochet heart

Have you seen any fab heart projects lately?
Have a great day, T x


5 thoughts on “Crochet-tastic Hearts

  1. The hearts are so cute! They make gorgeous decorations ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still on stars and snowflakes, but you’ve inspired me with some heart-shaped ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

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