Scones, carrots and crochet

Yesterday I had a crazy notion to start baking a batch of scones 30 minutes before school pick up. Madness I know, but I felt a need for scones with jam and cream. The cream I had in the fridge was almost at its use by date, so I threw caution to the wind and got busy. I didn’t have enough SR flour so had to improvise, and I was throwing flour eggs and milk around like a woman possessed. They turned out pretty rustic-looking, not surprisingly.


They were out the oven just in time. I grabbed the kids, raced back home, with happy kids scoffing scones like it was their last meal on earth. They loved them. So, it is possible to bake scones from scratch and have them out of the oven ready to eat within 30 minutes! Mind you the kitchen looked like a bomb site.

After music lessons we went to the shops as Bronte wanted to get a cover for her old iPod that used to by my husband’s. Sadly they don’t make iPod covers for the older iPods any more. I offered to crochet a cover for her, undeterred by the fact that I have never crocheted one before, yet sounding like I did them all them time! I found a iPod cover pattern that looked easy enough for a novice like me. Being extra confident I had told her I could make it stripy.

crochet ipod cover

I was quite pleased with it, and luckily Bronte loved it. She told her friends at school and now they are putting orders in for one too.

crochet ipod cover


I might make one for myself now. I took me about 2 hours, basically because I had to unravel the first attempt and start again because I made it too wide.


And now for the carrots, the only thing I have managed to grow fairly successfully in the veggie patch, apart from the kale which isn’t too bad either.  We had a bunch of these last night for dinner. Very nice roasted.


I have also been continuing with the crochet snake I started a week or so back. He’s going to be huge! Obviously I had to have a scone break.

crochet snake progress

Hope your week is going well. T x



6 thoughts on “Scones, carrots and crochet

  1. Love the iPod cover – it looks so great and the colours you have used are fab! Are you making the snake as a toy or for something like a draught excluder?

  2. Yummy scones…I like them with cinnamon in them, and I have one of those triangle divider pans to bake them in. I think I’ll do that today as well…you made me hungry. And those carrots are probably ten times better than those little midgets you buy in a bag at the store.

  3. After all that crocheting you definitely deserved a scone break! The covers look really great, and I like your rustic scones too! I can’t remember where I heard it, but some chef or other on the TV and they said that if it looks messy they always call what they have cooked rustic!! xx

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