Knitted Christmas Santa

I love christmas and everything about it. The carols, mince pies, the lights, the giving, the family time, the food (oh the food!). Christmas will be low key this year as we pack up the house. I am hoping we can manage a few decorations up at the new place before christmas eve. We usually decorate the house and put the tree up on the 1st December, but instead, an advent calendar and a few of these cute knitted Santas hanging around the place will suffice.


knitted santas

You can get the pattern from Boo Biloo. I did not use that pattern but made my own up as I didn’t have the right wool (the original pattern uses 4 ply, and there is a scary sounding part that uses double pointed needles, I used 8 ply from my stash and normal needles all the way). The Boo Biloo Santas are clearly more superior to my effort. I also made a christmas tree and a fair isle knitted bauble, but stupidly forgot to photograph them before I gave them away! I will be making more soon though to decorate my increasingly bare house as we pack up more boxes.

knitted santa

They would make nice gifts, maybe accompanied by some homemade mince pies or shortbread. You can personalise them by stitching on a name.

Have fun with them!
T x


9 thoughts on “Knitted Christmas Santa

  1. These are fab! I really need to learn how to knit. I just get so intimidated with the two needles thing as I’m just used to using the one crochet hook!

  2. I love it! sooooooooooo cute!!!!!! you did a fab job plus 8 ply is so much faster, I often look at a pattern in 4 ply and take a think of how long it will take me:) 8 ply is a winner! well done

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