Knitted bunting finally finished!

Well this has been a long drawn out WIP. It was one of those projects that gets going real quick, all the flags were done, mostly while waiting for the kids at band practice, but when it came to the sewing and putting it all together part, I lost interest. This always happens to me – the initial enthusiasm fades quick quickly as soon as we get to the laborious sewing bit. It always feels like a chore. I finally gave myself a kick up the bum to get it finished. I’m quite happy with it, but the main thing is my daughter loves it.

knitted bunting

The flags are knitted in garter stitch, so they won’t curl up at the ends. The lettering was added afterwards using chain stitch. I had actually forgotten how to do this, after learning it in primary school a zillion years ago. After a quick search on youtube I found the perfect quick tutorial. Don’t you just love youtube for this! I don’t know what I’d do without it.


The knitted hearts were sewn on using blanket stitch for a nice decorative edge.



Now this is finished I can get on with some crochet projects I have started recently, and a christmas knitting project that I will share with you soon. Only 50 days to go until christmas!!

T x


13 thoughts on “Knitted bunting finally finished!

  1. Hello,
    I absolutely love bunting, it always makes me smile.
    I love your colours and the knitted heart-really super cute, I bet your daughter does love it.
    Thank you for the link to the heart make.
    Oh life without ‘you tube’ would be a struggle in my house.
    A lovely make.

  2. This is lovely! I especially like the small applique heart and the bright colours you have used! I’ve made some small crochet triangles for bunting but haven’t got round to putting them together yet. Another of my never ending wips! You’ve inspired me to get it finished now though 🙂 x

  3. So pretty! I know what you mean about the sewing up, it is the same making a big blanket and having to join the squares or sewing in the ends of all the squares, you just lose the will don’t you. I love your bunting, the hearts are especially pretty aren’t they!! I hope that you have fun with your next project! xx

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