Summer beach days

I love it now summer is here and we can head out to the beach and enjoy the weather. This weekend we had a wonderful time messing about on beaches and boats. Sadly I forgot my camera when we went out on our friend’s boat on the harbour. The weather was a bit crazy hitting 37 degrees with crazy loud storms and bursts of torrential rain, followed by hot sunny weather again.


The girls sheltering under a rock cave


we found a jellyfish trapped by low tide, the kids lend a helping hand



off he goes

Yesterday we went out for a walk at Brooklyn and treated ourselves to an ice cream.

IMG_4659 IMG_4661


I spied a new magnum flavour – salted caramel – so of course I had to try it.


I think this salted caramel craze is a bit a over rated. The double caramel chocolate version is definitely better.

We headed home and had an easy dinner of roast chicken, chips and salad. Then I continued with a new crochet project I started. I am making a big fat snake, inspired by the one Kate from Fox’s lane made. My little one thought it was so cute she has been pestering me to make it for her. I think it will take me about a year, its huge!!


The pattern is available for free and can be found on ravelry here.

I hope you had a sun filled weekend 🙂
T x


4 thoughts on “Summer beach days

  1. Hi there, how nice you found my Blog. I love following you folks on the other side of the world, it gets colder for us and warmer for you! So jealous of you being on the beach.

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