Christmas card swapping

I’m very excited to be starting my first swapping experience. Amy at Love Made My Home has organised a christmas card swap this year, and I have been paired with Alison from Life at Sylvan House. I’m really looking forward to it, but I’ve got to get organised as my card has to be sent before 4th December to the other side of the world. We fly up to Queensland tomorrow for a week for new school orientations and we are camping in the new house. Our official move is still a couple of weeks away. I’ve gathered a few things to take with me as I’m hoping I will get some crafting time in. A whole week without internet or TV! I’m looking forward to it.

craft and crochet supplies

This lot should keep me busy


So this means I will not be posting on the blog for a week.
It will be December when we get back!
Have a fun week,
Teresa x


Crochet-tastic Hearts

There have been a few busy bloggers making hearts as christmas decorations lately. I have a bit of a heart-making obsession, I add them to almost anything I make, I just love them. I have made knitted hearts to add to projects, and since I learned to crochet a few months back, I had a go at making crochet hearts.

crochet heart

So simple to make, you can whip one of these babies up in an hour or so, if you are a fast crochet worker and are good at counting rows and stitches, unlike me. I found the pattern here.

pink crochet heart

crochet heart

I made this flower and heart a few months back and gave them to work friends as gifts. You can add some lavender or other scented petals inside and make them into drawer fresheners. The flower pattern is one of Julie’s at Little woollie.

crochet flower and heart

Now I am a beginner at crochet so there are errors, but adding some decoration can hide any dodgy-ness.

pink purple crochet heart crochet hearts

I’m sharing the heart love so if you want to see more heart making action from other bloggers go to Country living by the Sea and One Crafty Mumma.

crochet heart

Have you seen any fab heart projects lately?
Have a great day, T x

Arcadia Markets

I love markets, especially when there are plenty of local handmade and home grown products to browse. The Arcadia markets this weekend did not disappoint. The location is perfect, being hosted in the lovely Arcadia Public School grounds and hall. It is a small semi rural school out beyond the Sydney Hills District, on a country lane overlooking neighbouring farms and beautiful dams.

craft fair purchases

Here’s what I bought.

handmade christmas cards

Some pretty handmade christmas cards.

handmade birthday card and gift tags

handmade christmas gift tags

A birthday card for a friend who’s birthday is on christmas day, and some lovely handmade gift tags.

handmade wine glass charms

And my favourite wine glass charms – handy for festive entertaining so guests don’t forget which glass was theirs. I also bought some soy wax candles, but my husband went on a packing frenzy yesterday and packed them all in a box before I could photograph them. They had the most wonderful scents of cranberry, banana and caramel which smelt just like banoffee pie, and some others I’ve forgotten now. I’ll look forward to unpacking them at the new place.

Have you been to any christmas markets yet? Have a great week!
T xx

Scones, carrots and crochet

Yesterday I had a crazy notion to start baking a batch of scones 30 minutes before school pick up. Madness I know, but I felt a need for scones with jam and cream. The cream I had in the fridge was almost at its use by date, so I threw caution to the wind and got busy. I didn’t have enough SR flour so had to improvise, and I was throwing flour eggs and milk around like a woman possessed. They turned out pretty rustic-looking, not surprisingly.


They were out the oven just in time. I grabbed the kids, raced back home, with happy kids scoffing scones like it was their last meal on earth. They loved them. So, it is possible to bake scones from scratch and have them out of the oven ready to eat within 30 minutes! Mind you the kitchen looked like a bomb site.

After music lessons we went to the shops as Bronte wanted to get a cover for her old iPod that used to by my husband’s. Sadly they don’t make iPod covers for the older iPods any more. I offered to crochet a cover for her, undeterred by the fact that I have never crocheted one before, yet sounding like I did them all them time! I found a iPod cover pattern that looked easy enough for a novice like me. Being extra confident I had told her I could make it stripy.

crochet ipod cover

I was quite pleased with it, and luckily Bronte loved it. She told her friends at school and now they are putting orders in for one too.

crochet ipod cover


I might make one for myself now. I took me about 2 hours, basically because I had to unravel the first attempt and start again because I made it too wide.


And now for the carrots, the only thing I have managed to grow fairly successfully in the veggie patch, apart from the kale which isn’t too bad either.  We had a bunch of these last night for dinner. Very nice roasted.


I have also been continuing with the crochet snake I started a week or so back. He’s going to be huge! Obviously I had to have a scone break.

crochet snake progress

Hope your week is going well. T x


Knitted Christmas Santa

I love christmas and everything about it. The carols, mince pies, the lights, the giving, the family time, the food (oh the food!). Christmas will be low key this year as we pack up the house. I am hoping we can manage a few decorations up at the new place before christmas eve. We usually decorate the house and put the tree up on the 1st December, but instead, an advent calendar and a few of these cute knitted Santas hanging around the place will suffice.


knitted santas

You can get the pattern from Boo Biloo. I did not use that pattern but made my own up as I didn’t have the right wool (the original pattern uses 4 ply, and there is a scary sounding part that uses double pointed needles, I used 8 ply from my stash and normal needles all the way). The Boo Biloo Santas are clearly more superior to my effort. I also made a christmas tree and a fair isle knitted bauble, but stupidly forgot to photograph them before I gave them away! I will be making more soon though to decorate my increasingly bare house as we pack up more boxes.

knitted santa

They would make nice gifts, maybe accompanied by some homemade mince pies or shortbread. You can personalise them by stitching on a name.

Have fun with them!
T x

Knitted bunting finally finished!

Well this has been a long drawn out WIP. It was one of those projects that gets going real quick, all the flags were done, mostly while waiting for the kids at band practice, but when it came to the sewing and putting it all together part, I lost interest. This always happens to me – the initial enthusiasm fades quick quickly as soon as we get to the laborious sewing bit. It always feels like a chore. I finally gave myself a kick up the bum to get it finished. I’m quite happy with it, but the main thing is my daughter loves it.

knitted bunting

The flags are knitted in garter stitch, so they won’t curl up at the ends. The lettering was added afterwards using chain stitch. I had actually forgotten how to do this, after learning it in primary school a zillion years ago. After a quick search on youtube I found the perfect quick tutorial. Don’t you just love youtube for this! I don’t know what I’d do without it.


The knitted hearts were sewn on using blanket stitch for a nice decorative edge.



Now this is finished I can get on with some crochet projects I have started recently, and a christmas knitting project that I will share with you soon. Only 50 days to go until christmas!!

T x

Summer beach days

I love it now summer is here and we can head out to the beach and enjoy the weather. This weekend we had a wonderful time messing about on beaches and boats. Sadly I forgot my camera when we went out on our friend’s boat on the harbour. The weather was a bit crazy hitting 37 degrees with crazy loud storms and bursts of torrential rain, followed by hot sunny weather again.


The girls sheltering under a rock cave


we found a jellyfish trapped by low tide, the kids lend a helping hand



off he goes

Yesterday we went out for a walk at Brooklyn and treated ourselves to an ice cream.

IMG_4659 IMG_4661


I spied a new magnum flavour – salted caramel – so of course I had to try it.


I think this salted caramel craze is a bit a over rated. The double caramel chocolate version is definitely better.

We headed home and had an easy dinner of roast chicken, chips and salad. Then I continued with a new crochet project I started. I am making a big fat snake, inspired by the one Kate from Fox’s lane made. My little one thought it was so cute she has been pestering me to make it for her. I think it will take me about a year, its huge!!


The pattern is available for free and can be found on ravelry here.

I hope you had a sun filled weekend 🙂
T x