Off on an adventure

I’m very excited. Tomorrow I fly off on an adventure to look for our new home in the country. I’m not sure if I’m more excited about seeing the houses I’ve been drooling over on the internet for the past few weeks, or the fact that I am going by myself. 3 days and 2 nights by myself, no kids, no husband. My to do list is as follows:

View 9 shortlisted properties
Take lots of photos
Enjoy long spa bath with glass of wine after dinner not made by me
Read country style magazine at leisure
Enjoy some blogging time
Do a spot of crochet
Go for a run/walk before breakfast
Enjoy a quiet, leisurely breakfast while drinking in the views
Walk along the beach before sunset
Finish Yearbook swimming carnival pages on laptop (I’ve put this off long enough – I have no excuses now)
Buy presents to take back to the kids

packed bag and laptop

All packed

With no school runs, lunches to make, uniforms to wash, bags to pack/unpack, activities to rush off to, I won’t know what to do with myself!
I am looking forward to progressing through my list. The run might be a tad ambitious though…


The first goodbye

I left work today. I filled out my ’employee separation form’ (what a depressingly named form). I handed over my keys. I madly finished my ‘to do’ list with a million things on it. I sorted out all my files to handover 8 years work to someone else. I said my goodbyes. There were hugs, tears, and gifts.

L'Occitane gifts

Very generous work colleagues giving me L’Occitane¬†

I started working there when my eldest was in daycare. He is now nearing the end of year 6, about to go to High school. Its the end of an era in so many ways. This is the first step to our new life in the country. I received the most wonderful gifts from my colleagues, from L’Occitane. If you don’t know the shop check it out. They sell the most beautiful things.


Gifts from L'Occitanegifts from L'Occitnae

I am going to enjoy some pampering. I really need it. Husband is away until tomorrow on a business trip. I have just finished a Gin and Tonic. Looking forward to his arrival tomorrow and a lovely Fathers Day on sunday.

Have a lovely weekend
T x