Super cute knitted mini toys

When I re-discovered knitting a couple of years ago, I started off making these super cute toys. I picked up an easy pattern book from Lincraft and got going. They are great beginner patterns for a quick knit without too many complications. I even taught my daughter to knit using these patterns. I did the decreases and she did the rest. It was a great starter for her as they are quick to complete so she could see results fast. Good for impatient kids!

knitted toys

A rainbow of cuties

All the toys are knitted using garter stitch, and you can whip up one of the easier toys (e.g. tadpole) in an hour.

knitted crabs and octopus

Crabs and octopus

There are 10 characters in all, and they are designed by Jake Henzler. The book is called ‘Little and friends’ (how cute) and is for Panda 8-ply yarn. All you need is some 8-ply yarn, 3mm knitting needles, some soft toy filling, 4-hole buttons for eyes and black thread for sewing. There are crabs, ghosts (we seem to have about 10 of these around the house), octopus, tadpole, whale, bunny and more.

knitted toys with pattern book

I have knitted these and added them to party bags for my kids friends, and made the bunnies as little additions to easter baskets. I have also made them into school bag tags – it helps when more than one child has the same bag at school or preschool.



My kids love playing with these, and have been busy building lego houses for them, hanging them off ropes on the tree in the back garden, and taking them to bed. They are the most played-with toy in the house.

knitted bunny in pink car

I’ve moved onto bigger things since then, (see my knitted bunnies) but I do still knit the odd one. Its probably time to start knitting some grown-up things now though.

What is your favourite quick knit project?



8 thoughts on “Super cute knitted mini toys

  1. Lovely little characters. I especially like the one on the school bag. You may want to visit the Alan Dart website he has some great patterns of animated charaters to knit. I made his Bride and Groom Bunnies as a wedding present for friends a couple of years ago and they adored them They have pride of place in their home.

  2. I’ve just popped across from Mitzi’s Lazy Days & Sundays at The Willows. What fab little critters, I love them. I used to knit when I was young and stopped in my late teens, I didn’t get back to it until a few years ago but I’ve since discovered crochet so I usually have projects from each craft on the go now. I’m going to explore your blog now, it looks like it’s one I’m going to enjoy.

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