Squeezing in the knitting

Its been one of those ‘weetbix for dinner’ kind of weeks, hence the lack of blogging. Back to back weekends of eisteddfods, soccer games, athletics carnival, headlice (they seem to love my kids) and now a sick daughter home from school. Plus husband away with work. Its all happening. Needless to say, there hasn’t been much time for knitting, baking or cultivating. In fact, I went out to the tiny veg patch that was doing so well, only to find our guinea pigs have discovered it, and anything that was growing is now just a stump in the ground! Sigh.

guinea pigs

naughty Nibbles, Coco and Muff tuff heading to the veg patch – caught red handed!

Still, at least I have managed a bit of knitting here and there. I have made progress on some knitted bunting for my daughter’s birthday.

knitted bunting

knitted a few triangles for the bunting

And I have continued with another project that I will reveal in my next post – just need a little more time to get it all together and photographed during daylight hours. Its dark so early now. Where does the time go?

yellow knitting

Love this sunny colour

I even managed to make some vanilla cupcakes today, using the recipe from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, May Issue.

vanilla cupcakes

I hope your week is going well and you are managing to get some crafty time in 🙂

Teresa x


6 thoughts on “Squeezing in the knitting

  1. Just come across your blog from Just Pootling. You always get weeks like this don’t you but if you can knock up a gorgeous batch of cup cakes like these to take your mind off things it can’t be all bad can it.

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