Tree change plans

IMG_0994As a first time blogger, its feels strange to be the one writing a post, rather than reading and commenting on someone else’s. I have loved reading the many tree change stories on the web, and now I am starting to write my own.

We have been living in Sydney for the last 10 years, and my husband works from home. We suddenly found ourselves wondering what on earth we were doing spending our lives in the busy suburbs battling traffic jams, expensive living costs and living on a small block of land barely enough room to swing a cat. We decided to move away to pastures new, abandoning our friends, kids school, my job and our lovely little house. We are lucky that my husband can still work from home as long as we have a good internet connection and are not too far from an airport so he can still travel for business. We have chosen our new school for the kids and all three have been confirmed a place. The next thing we have to find is a place to live.


4 thoughts on “Tree change plans

    • Hello. Well spotted, yes it is. While it was high on our list, we have decided to go a little bit more north. Even though I’m a pom, I can’t stand the cold! I do love that picture though as it reminds me of our last trip to the Hunter. You are lucky to live somewhere so beautiful.

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